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Because if you look again the rest of those offense of stats we read you this patriots team got roll on they winning down at the half but despite that came back out fox found rob drunk housekey in the third quarter in that first drive in a way that i think put every philadelphia fan on notice that what we said all week you're not going to beat this patriots team in any one swing of events you're not going to ride one big play in this game towards a win in other instances of fourth in one play in the past year quarterback for a touchdown on the goal line might have been enough to rise the tide of momentum and take this thing completely other way but not against the patriots who by the way failed at their only attempted past of their quarterback last night we are all wondering coming off of the conference championship weekend where we brought flee flickers back huge 3 flee flickers of one conference championship we get unheard of what's the trick play going to be going into this game while we found out at least on one side but the quarterback pass was called billy special to nick false nick falls of z tejas fame for anyone that somehow missed that mc mc falls parents the founders and eventual sellers of the popular southwest restaurant chain z tejas after imagine the stock move in a pretty positive direction last night and so we look in triumph boil it all down to.

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