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Separate microphones. I'm glad that the ESPN radio budget, uh, afforded us that opportunity because, like you said one microphone would be difficult. That would be a Certainly a challenge. We spent a few minutes before the show here watching reruns of Bully Beatdown. Is that what that was that we watched here? Because we're talking USC and we will hear in a moment. Could you give us a 32nd synopsis of bully beatdown because it was one of the great really one of the origins of Emma. Yeah, well, people would beat up bullets, uh, and and thank you, my people, people going and say, I have a bully. He's picking on me and Jason Miller, a former UFC fighter would get another fighter to beat up the bully. While the victim of the bullying would watch and, uh he would get paid. If the bully quit. It was it was a very interesting show. There was one show where this guy was. His bully was his brother in law, So I just don't know how those family meetings went. But that was a little that was a little weird. It was his brother in law was bullying him and you would start out with $5000. And each time you tapped out, you'd lose 1000. Right. You lose 1000. And then the next round if you quit You lose all your money as well. So it was a It was one of those shows that you probably couldn't do today, but the concept was was fascinating. Well, the concept of poor Ian MacGregor three was good. The concept seem great transition, man. You're good trust. Tried will collect the M E as we had to break, But we won't okay. It didn't go. It was It wasn't very long. You saw poor EA defeating McGregor last night by T K O, um after the end of round one you saw the ref calls stopped the bout. I do want to ask you this, though, because obviously was a broken ankle Broken tibia. You had a tweet last night that surprised me a little bit, You said. Connor McGregor broke his ankle or leg, gruesome stuff, but Dustin Pori dominated the fight down the stretch. Can you use the phrase down the stretch in a fight that last a round? Can you use down the stretch of the game when we're talking about five minutes of the first quarter? Like I'm just asking you If down the stretch of the fight. It lasted around the simple answer. That question is no. You probably shouldn't use that phrase. As I learned. Um Yeah, I was thinking just in terms of the way he finished the round versus how we started. I guess in every quite a contest. There's a stretch like if the fight's 10 seconds down the stretch, she really pounded down the fresh. They come. Late is that that's what it's from two right horse racing, right? That's a It's a horse racing crazy later in the fight is what I should have said Not down, not down the street so That's Twitter. It you you wondering. It did sound like it was five round fight right down the stretch. They come If the phrase down the stretch comes from horse racing is one of the great questions ever asked here We'll get your as your your horse betting analysis later on. So Connor McGregor. This was first of all this was Afterwards with Joe Rogan. We have the interview here here's McGregor and was talking about what happened during the fight. Give us your thoughts on.

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