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But there's nothing funny about fifteen ounces of spider man pasta reduced to a rotted three ounce chunk I'm seriously interfere it's like the shape of the canton it's like a rusted piece of metal is really what yes try to get your mind out of that Ryan and just look at it as a piece of rock Russ and there's like a penny inside of that but it's imagine so if they can if they can't takes fifteen ounces it now it is only occupying three ounces because it is all just shrunk in on itself and is now just this hard in ball of what appears to be rust but keep scrolling and now you get a nice side view says I carefully remove the mass which looks like a cross between big thunder mountain in one of those Geno seeing hives from attack of the clones first of all is really a stretch the shape of the pasta which you can see the cat I okay but then okay so there's a picture for now what I would call the enemy but be like it's a meatball pasta the I. response still it is a liberal use of the license logo of spider man but he says that he turned it over he says I think I noticed something but I consult the label the back of the cam to be sure indeed there's poor spider man trapped in this godforsaken toxic monstrosity I'm sorry Peter Peter Parker with old pasta comes great instability thank you for taking this journey with me so at that point he has turned over this chunk of old hardened rusty pasta in his located what it's like it's like a fossel it's like you found a dinosaur fossil in any looks back is this in fact the shape of the dinosaur known as spider man now you're right Donna even brand new but a man of music the treadmill what is it just that it's not I mean that could be anything you know what it is it's a it could keep us Carmel dare you living over in its budget to where we need a Santa Claus fudgy overages happy remembered fudging the whale well because fudgy the wail of Carmel ice cream when they came out the second page love that his was the one that it was fun to the well and then when we later spotted Carville's Santa Claus we realized that is the fudgy the whale mold and I just turned it upside down well you know yeah okay first of all why did this man have this twenty five year old can of chef boy RD I'm sorry right now it looks like he's this is how he makes his money he shows off all this nostalgic crap from the eighties and nineties looks into you that Alexis Thompson total and on a hill have bought stuff from this guy that's the kind of stuff they would probably yeah he just collects this crap he's posted a photo of these I remember these Nickelodeon green slime ice pops okay I remember these popsicles they were it just your typical possible except they are full of green sugary goo and what a treat it was when you bit into that age is leaked out those green yeah so he's also got a picture on his Twitter page it's a can of jolt Cola yeah over this at the label has just a lightning bolt coming through it and we would drink this it had like double the caffeine of a coke so we would drink it ons like Christmas Eve if we wanted to stay out to try to catch Santa Claus we were pounding jolt anytime we felt we needed to pull an all nighter he's hosted a photo of a I don't remember this serial glows in the on the cover only one way Julia white siding now the no kidding does he lose his current no no no I wish he is he's currently acting though and he is a co starring in the big show show on Netflix you member maybe a year ago we mentioned this in passing yes the big show the wrestler who is seven foot something in about four hundred plus pounds was going to star in a family sitcom that just came out like a week and a half ago and sure enough he's go to body.

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