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That showing a lack of comfort confidence trust belief in what's going around to you don't want it to look like. like it's out of control. You want it to look like you're just ready to play football and almost like a shortstop is as he pitchers pitching the ball. Feeder ready and constantly moving. He's ready for that ball to get hit into either whole between him second base or third base where Jimmy looks to be on my gosh. I don't know what to do with the football panicky and that to me is the the biggest issue more than does he mechanically look flawed? If snacks Harrison shows up in a couple of weeks. In Seattle and if Jamal Adams gets right and maybe if John Schneider can trade something for some sort of pass rusher. Or, the SEAHAWKS. Really. Good or are they destined to be one of these teams? It's GONNA have to score thirty five every week to win. Now. The seahawks would be really good. If. It's not that they need to have a dominant pass rush. You know like I said, this couple of weeks ago the SEAHAWKS has slipped years ago it was having dominant defense and offense be good enough like just be good enough especially situationally like when we needed, you get the game to the fourth quarter. Be Good enough they've flipped. Offenses Right now dominant in defense just be good enough just be situationally good enough to get us off the field in the fourth quarter for one more possession. Now, that's certainly like a dangerous way to live I so to speak but with the secondary, that's long you know I think that Neil thirty five is going to be a really impactful player moving forward for them on their defense he's built like one of their corners but he's playing nickel inside for them but their defense doesn't need to be great. It just needs to be okay in their pass rush becomes. Okay. then. They're for real for sure. Dan Orlovsky. I'M GONNA ask you about two of your former teams that you spent a year with each. One is Houston one is Indianapolis. You're in Houston ten years ago this year. And when I think about the Houston Texans right now and what they're going to do next I think about and this is a lazy way to look at it. What coach what system is going to be best for Shawn Watson. If you're cal, McNary owner the Houston. Texans. What direction relooking in for head coach and you have one in mind you think would be ideal for the Shawn Watson. That's a great question I'd say this. We've become consumed with offensive football in the NFL especially at the head coaching hiring position but you still have to remember that it's about leadership in organization.

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