Star Wars the Clone Wars


We have tim again from Rainbow, comics to talk star wars and should preface. He's not just the Star Wars Guru, but it just happened to be that. That's what we're talking about today, so thanks Tim. We're GONNA. Be Talking some clone worst all right now. No, I love I love the clone. Thanks for having me back I. Don't mind talking about star. Wars at all. I'm definitely the Star Wars Guy at the store I've got a big old tie fighter sitting on the sitting on one of the shelves, and Yeah I love Star Wars up and down left and right but i. do know other things. SO YEAH CLONE WARS! I know when we talked in the past. You're really excited before the final seat. Well I guess, maybe it's going to be the final season of clone wars, but the new one was coming out, and of course by the time you hear this, it's done so I, will let the listener know that there will be spoilers. It's been long enough. I think, and it can goes to the dark side, you guys. I didn't tell him. It's like saying the titanic. Sinks at the end of the move. It does I my dad still loves that movie and He loved the Titanic before the movie came out, but every the movie's been on TV lot lately, and he keeps watching it, and I was like you've seen the movie. I know it's real long. The boat saying. There there we segue into. That anikin goes bad. Anikin goes bad the and thanks for listening you guys. All, right. But I know you loved the series. Mainly a Soka I would say is probably your best most favorite character. You think, man. She's up there and honestly My love really lies with rebels. But I honestly believe my love for rebels wouldn't exist without clone wars, and I think that clone wars an epic. Very much stands on its own It is so grand like even rebels is like four. Seasons. Whereas clone wars we've got. what is it seven seasons and a move at two thousand eight the I? Did you watch it when it first came out or did you catch a little later? I caught the movie win. It came out on DVD. Because they released the first three episodes as a feature, and if you go on like Disney, plus and you watch season one episode one. That's not worth starts. You have to go on Disney, plus specifically I'm going to go ahead and date this podcast right now around. This is not gonNA work in ten years when Disney pluses and the thing anymore but if you go into Disney plus and go under specials. Specials they have star wars. The clone wars. It's like an eighty six minute movie or something, and that actually comes before season one episode one that was released in theaters and Samuel. Jackson is Mace Christopher Lee is count Duku and I think there might be a third like original voice. Okay? I can't remember off the top of my head, but it's interesting because with clone wars being as long as it is. Tom Cain to me is Yoda so in rebels? They bring in Frank Oz to do Yoda's voice in that in. It's really cool that they got Frank Oz. But seeing a Yoda in that style that CG style sounding not like Tom Kaine like weirdly sounded wrong, and it's the original. Yoda and I might be alone in this, but I just just to have. The the iota that I'd heard 'cause I mean. I haven't counted it, but I have to assume Tom kaine probably has more recorded lines as Yoda than than Frank. Oz does so yeah I guarantee you. He does and especially in that visual style, but that's kind of carried. I know rebels in clone wars aren't exactly the stay the same, but stylistically there's a there's a theme that goes that over rice all of them so. It was just weird rebels to hear Yoda with the original voice, but kind of wanting it to be the voice from Clone Wars I. think that's an interesting legacy in and of itself, that is if a soak is maybe not your favorite I guess, could you let us know maybe your top two favorite characters from condo and I'm sorry. Let me finish. I'm sorry. Honda. Is Is my favorite character and he carries over into rebels. And even there's even a series of kids books, and there's one that's about Hanin chewy with the foul can, and they They have to team up with with Honda I. CAn't remember the name of it off the top of my head, but the audio book is narrated by By, the guy who does voice, who's also Winnie the Pooh and lost Jim Cummings okay. So he voices Hongo in coon, wars and rebels. He does his voice at Galaxies, Edge, theme park at Disney. is Hongo and so there's a whole a whole audiobook. You can just listened to Honda. Tell you a story and it's it's like great. Honda's my absolute favorite.

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