Trump Administration, California, Donald Trump discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


So every time she raises her hand, your business noticed. Wow, okay. I think that's a pretty good idea. But I do feel bad for guys with armpits fetishes you know, because they're going to be like, how do I up grade to the ad free version. No, the city of New York. So Japan is doing it in response. They've announced that they will be selling ad space on all of the subway masturbaters. That's what we're going to be doing. Search snow. No, I can't read the number slowdown. All right. Let's move on to our main story. The Trump administration, the funding so many battles that sometimes it's hard to keep track of all of their enemies, crooked Hillary fake news media, the deep state, witch-hunts, Canada. And then of course, their biggest enemy of all the environments. The Trump administration has had a grudge against mother nature ever since wind and yesterday. We learned how far they willing to go to kick captain planets in his big new models. Thousands of pages of Email show interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, and his aides dismissing tourism benefits and archaeological discoveries in favor of shrinking national monuments for logging ranching and energy development. The Washington Post cites documents the interior department, released this month, then retracted a day later. Okay. I don't know what's worse. The fact that the interior department was scheming about how to handle federal land to help and businesses, oil and businesses all the fact that they could take back the emails. They had mistakenly sense outs, but when is that ever worked? You can't send an Email to your boss saying work as my favorite place to get high and secretly jerk off in the boiler room and send a follow up Email like please disregard everything off the work because my favorite place, it doesn't work. We know it now like its honestly wild to me that they would even dismiss priceless. Archaeological discoveries just to maybe get. Little moral, but imagine if Trump was president during Jurassic Park. Oh, wow. What is that that that's nothing. Now, let's check the shit out of this place. Now, obviously, the interior department was embarrassed because it's emails showed that they know that they're doing something super shady, right, but we shouldn't be surprised. I mean, considering all of the stuff that the administration is doing to the environment out in the open, the Trump administration this week is expected to open a new front in America's environmental battle, and California is the target. The administration will now try to shut down California's thority to regulate vehicle, exhaust greenhouse gas emissions and the sale of electric cars. Environmentalists charge. The bottom line would be devastating after years of cleaning up the air in California. I know the president hates California, but that's just me. All right. California has worked so hard to clean up its air, and it's true that a lot of that progress came from deporting, Seth, Rogan Tarazona butts. It was also from the state, strong cau- emission standards. So if the administration kills them, it could put the health of millions of people ever. But I mean, let's be honest, who cares Cares about. about people, right? I mean, the gross really are, but sadly, it turns out that the administration is coming for our very friends to the Trump. Administration is calling for sweeping changes to the law that protects hundreds of animals and plant species from extinction. The proposal would end automatic protections and limited habitat safeguards provided.

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