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Once in a while that's nice that someone actually carers. That is nice and I'm sitting in my home alone where no one would stop me from drinking and. Hammered after this, you know what are you on a different time zone I'm kidding. Our ahead or something I should be two hours ahead of you. Really Texas is two hours. Yeah. We're central time. So Pacific is two hours for us in eastern is one hour ahead of us you totally lost me the second you start talking about smirk stuff. What we're in is giving me like we have to wrap this up but I promise you. I would love to do your podcast and you seem fucking awesome. AM fucking awesome. I love that you notice that. I did I when I was watching your like your instagram thing where you're doing the gross toilet thing that we're not gonNA talk about because I don't like. Saying that. Like okay. She's funding I'll have a chat with her by just I saw I saw the humor. Yes. In Games around here, I can always make fun of myself until like it is a the way we should all live never afraid to be ourselves because nobody actually gives shit about what you're doing. They're all too busy worrying about themselves. This. Amen preach everybody. So afraid embarrassed themselves unlike you don't realize that you're the only one thinking about that everybody that you're worried about thinking you're embarrassing moment is thinking about their own embarrassing moment from third grade. Just big. Nobody is shoot about just. Snatch. No doubt you. Know. Where can we find you on social media and your podcast is available on where? Elena Davies on everything L.. E. A. A. I. E. S. i. Am the miscellaneous podcast. All that stuff is linked in my instagram to in I. Am everywhere you find podcast also have a an online store called drop collective drop with two peas where you have really bad as hats and accessories on some cool.

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