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On his podcast. He's had John sina on his podcast. Well to be had there recently. Jimmy, and my missing anybody else. Big name wrestlers that you've had on recently. Probably not rollin von of last summer, basically. Tim roth. All right JR. I've had on. Yeah. You've had a point is your Inuit, you know. And then you, and I've talked about this a Lou bit off the air preview in this wrestlemainia thirty five are you as excited as you would be? I know it's a big event. It's fun to watch whatever. But to me, there's a lot to be desired when you look at the card so far on this wrestlemainia thirty five. Yeah. The card of not too much for me at all couldn't care less about the TS to coming back wrestled triple h. Very disappointed that for Kurt angle last match ever given him barren orbin. The women's match is exciting. I mean, that's going to be the main event. I think I think he NFC a lot of good stuff that the for wrestlemainia. You know, even just as much as the matches. It's all about the surprises is undertaking show up as John seen gonna show up. Bright. What's Hogan's role going to be like, I'm injury is growing cows ski going to be there. Do you have anything man, you're paying attention to the odds on some of this stuff? What would maybe be some of the expected surprise appearances Johnston? Be there. I had heard something await Thursday that I had not heard before that. I, you know, I don't want to get too excited for this. Because there's make my day that maybe the rock shows up there's rumblings that he may do some sort of dead or segment with Elias the guy who plays the things that could be great. You know now that I'm thinking about it that Iraq. I don't remember seeing a ton of Instagram's from him to pass today. So I don't know maybe speaking to New York any appearance from him would be huge. I mean that will be fun. What's Hogan's role going to be back with a combination? I know for some reason you can't stay in whole Cogan who is immortal. I mean, he's the greatest ever do it. Despite. Spite what you may say, but what is going to be this wrestlemainia thirty five first of all out. They can't just send you know. Valid me explain that that you hate hulk HOGAN, what say is is that when I was a kid, and I even recognized for now the heels is more entertaining that whole Cogan and the heels what made hulk HOGAN wasn't. You wanna throw the fact that you know, couple of years ago, he goes in his best friend's wife and talks about being a racist. That's a whole other different. I'm not talking about. I'm not in ring hulk HOGAN, was my you ruining my childhood by continually ripping I wrote it. You know? Careful. I don't wanna get in trouble. But I think no. But listen they had such a great formula in the eighties of hell coconut. But I just remember always being more entertained by recruit. And Roddy piper. Honky tonk man that. Oh, okay. Was the same old same old? I read I was just you know, intelligent as a kid. And I realized what the what the WWF scam was and trying to, you know, make you fall in love with hulk HOGAN, basically did the same thing every single day and was never different and. Another guy ago tremendous it what they did. It was fun to watch them. What what about though this year for HOGAN? What do you think is going to happen? I have not I have not heard anything about HOGAN and wrestlemainia. He, you know, he did you know, w w did patch things up. I mean, you know, seriousness. He did get you know, sort of food is from the company after that whole thing with that tape that came out they they sort of mended fences last year. So they they brought them to big Saudi Arabia show that they were trying to make a big deal out of. But really other than that. I think maybe had as at one more appearance is not really been. He's gonna he's going to induct Brutus beefcake into the whole thing. But that to me is still not the same as making an appearance at actual wrestlemainia. So I'm curious to see if he would be the guy wasn't when when you were there, you know, rooting for hulk HOGAN as a little kid. My guy was RIC flair. And there's guys who I had Dave Meltzer of the wrestling observer newsletter. It's like the wrestling five. Oh, I had him on my podcast, and you know, chances we'd see flare maybe get involved in the main event with his daughter, Charlotte. And it basically sounds like flares health is not in a physician where he needs to be physically get involved. They're doing that. You know, who knows if he comes down, you know, and Becky Lynn goes at the ropes, and you know, maybe trips are up or something like that. But with Charlotte met main event with Rhonda. Housi- back. You wait. I thought maybe RIC flair would be someone. We see. Also, it many interesting. We're talking with Jimmy traina, host of SIM media podcast that you could redesign on train of thoughts on sl dot com. How about some of the outcomes here because I know that's supposed to be predictable. And again, you look at some of the odds. So maybe those would lean certain ways, I haven't checked that out. Is it just as Becky Lynch going to win that match the main event with Rhonda Rousey, Charlotte flare Becky Lynch, or do you think that there could be some surprise ending that maybe we don't see? Well, let me go by the offshore on a monster favorite. Right. Like, you know, minus four hundred and a lot of places. The tricky thing wrestlemainia is the theory. There has always been sort of, you know, sending the crowd home happy. And it's usually a main event that ends with you know, a baby face fan favorite winning about. And all that stuff. The thing that you know, let's fan they always have the option. They wanted to pull something on Sunday where Becky doesn't win. They always win. It the next night on raw what's one of the things that have happened. The last years is the Monday after the lane is the biggest Monday night raw of the year, and every other becomes a bigger and bigger deal. So you can always say something, you know, maybe you thought they would do on mania and say that Monday for Monday night raw. But I would be shocked speculation not win that match. On sunday. Interesting. You mentioned her blades, Batista. We don't care about that. I'm not really let me just say one thing about that. I don't care about it. But I am sought that all the offshore places. Have triple h is a pretty heavy favourite. So I don't understand the point in the TC coming back to this one last match, and he's gonna lose it. I don't I don't get the planet out, but all your sight. That's triple h is a big if triple h loses he must retire from angering competition that would make me think the is going to win and for boys can finally go do what he's gotta do is the front office type guy. But I don't know. I'm just I look I liked the nostalgia of some of the perks of being wrestling fan. The nostalgia aspect of it. But there's so many times you want the undertaker like all right, again, we've seen it a million times. I don't need to say again. And again, how about Brock listener? And Seth Rollins is Brooklyn finally gonna move on. I think one of the things that hurts the current WW product is the fact that the champions hardly ever. There on a regular basis. Is this going to be in for listener? No, I mean again quoting Meltzer from the media podcast. This should be Toronto. Rows -i Meltzer said that after Monday night, raw there is there's nothing buck between the WWE in round razzing Glasner, though, still has a contract to seven more months, at least there's rumblings. He may go back to you have to do a match, but vitual she's not supposed to be the end for Brock Lester interesting. I didn't even know that about Ronda Rousey. So I mean Wiesner there's been the rumors about going back to you for wild. That's why I'm bringing up and I'm just tired of being the champ for it seems like it's never I to me the complete waste of time. I've never enjoyed them. You know to basically as one move and throw the guy opponent around doing these suplexes can't speak the great legendary Paul Heyman dealers, Mike work, and I think it's a waste. I mean, I would love to go away and seeing. Yeah. I was thinking about this today. Be so great. If maybe. During the less neurons match maybe Roman reigns. Comes out cost. Seth Rollins the match turns he'll Heyman and rain sort of team up. I'd love to see the point that but not holding my breath. What about your buddy range looking forward to seeing him getting back in the ring? Here has he been in? I've been paying attention to him as he actually wrestled get since he's been back here. He's wrestled. They've eased them back into the schedule. Obviously, he's Russell. But nothing on this kind of scale. So this'll be a big on for him. He like you said I had him on my podcast couple of weeks ago. He said, he's not, you know, he's not right there with the fulltime scheduled. But it'll be there soon. He's probably going to be there. I guess around now. So we'll see what happens if they end up trying to make him the number one company like they had tried for a couple of years there is there anything in particular, which Jimmy Sports Illustrated, anything in particular. You're looking forward to seeing the most I'll give you my favorite thing. The thing I'm looking forward to most in a minute. But I want to hear if there's anything outside of what we just talked on what you're looking forward to most come Sunday night wrestlemainia thirty five. You know, I have to say for me. I guess it would be the main event with the women's match. Just because I do like the fact that that really was all done by the fans the fans made Becky Lynch pretty much the number one person in the company in terms of popularity. They turned on Ronda Rousey who I give credit to spin fine in the ring. But my gosh is awful on the microphone so. I think it'll be a cool thing there to see Becky when the bell, and and have the crowd going crazy, obviously, just I'm I'm more into rock and be there is going to be there. Then anything. Does this show start? It seems sixteen max listed one in the afternoon. Right depre- show. I've Boorda poll shooting Boorda Robbie told me six PM it's supposed to start. But I don't even know. I know they have the pre show show. And then the regular who knows when the stuff's gonna air. I'm gonna give you two matches that I'm looking forward to seeing number one Daniel Bryan versus Kofi Kingston, because I guess there's another thing to your point about the fans creating that Becky Lynch story. That's a good job. I you I should have mentioned that I loved her Brian. I think he'll character in great, obviously. Like, you just said the fans of may put the fence put go Kingston in that match. They made that match. So. Yeah, that was good job. You I should mentioned that can can it will they have copay possibly win that match against Daniel, Bryan. Good question. You know, because they do have a good thing going here with being a Brian sorta he'll champion and again, it's one of those things. Yeah. They can put it on Kofi and get that wrestlemainia moment. And Daniel Bryan went back on Tuesday. Smackdown. So I think you know, that's a luxury. They have they can really do anything for for wrestlemainia. Plus if you're a fan of the in ring work, those two Daniel, Bryan and Kofi kings should be pretty fun to watch our. Thank right. Yeah. So sure the other thing that I'm looking forward to now. I don't know if you know this, but I'm buddies with curt Hawkins Brian Myers, aka curt Hawkins, he and I'm very excited for him. He and Zack Ryder who I love their podcast about wrestling figures. Zach riders will be Zack Ryder will be wrestling for the tag team championships. The raw tag team championships against the revival. I don't know when it's going to be on..

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