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Rely on having eg you know healthy trevor rees knocking del shots pj tucker bringing that defensive intensity and then having the loud threat with the big fella in the middle i think their team dynamic overall changed a little bit but everyone got better and i think that's all ultimately why they won sixty five games in why james you know he upped his play and i had a dominant dominant run this season to where couldn't really take away the mvp trophy from him this year as you couldn't impasse years i just look at what you said about lebron and how he could in theory be the mvp every year if you if you look back at some of the great players and i'll use steve nash and kobe as an example like kobe only one one mvp he won five titles but just a wannabe pete nash did not win a title but he wants to mvp's and then you look at russell westbrook for example i mean he essentially had the same year with the triple doubles his shooting was down at tick but it was almost exactly the same you could have argued he was the mvp and so i don't know i just think sometimes we get a little bit to q saying oh this guy's better now and he deserves it more than him because he has a one it when it comes down to it lebron is still the best player in the world most valuable player is the award however harden was spectacular and i think it's a healthy thing for the league to have not have the same mvp every year and like you said he he deserved it yeah i think he deserved it but looking at the the situation i think if the bronwyn sixty games i think he ends up winning mvp but since the roster influx has so many changes didn't win as many games as they had in past years i think you have to give it to think about it you you you ever is thirty plus a game your team wins sixty five games i think only michael jordan steph curry and james harden has done that so that kinda shows you the lee company that may be one of the player who's won sixty five games while averaging thirty it's elite company what he did this year was was incredible historic season and its hats off to him but it's just funny you could argue every year katie could have been into conversation i think dame finished fourth in an mvp vote and there was a lot of players who had terrific years but we're able to win the mvp trophy and you could also argue that d wait yeah no that's true wait could have won mvp the years they've gnashed it i was your with thirty six and five dollars an incredible credible year so it's it's an unfortunate situation but that leads us to a better discussion free agency based on team success yes okay that's that's when we're going because i was.

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