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One hundred percent of disappointment if they don't win the title it will absolutely this season be measured by a championship and what is mike dantonio thinking even saying this look this is very simple and let let's start with this premise let's let's i want to disabuse everyone of one notion if it was a baseball team i would say something different if it was a football team i would say something different if this was a team in the ncaa tournament i'd say something different in all those sports best team doesn't necessarily win a championship doesn't actually mean you're the best team it could mean you're the hottest team you're the luckiest team 'cause in football there's one game same thing in the in the march madness tournament but in baseball it's very luck dependent best team doesn't always win but in the nba the nature of basketball the game itself plus seven games to decide it the championship means necessarily you are the best team and in the regular season the rockets have been the best team and i said it's constantly pointed out steven a when healthy they've lost two games all season two one on the road to the pelicans with d and boogie boogie got hurt in the last ten seconds of that game the second one was a schedule loss as jalen rose pointed out where you could see coming there were playing the third and four nights second back to back on the road at toronto you can pencil that in circle that's probably going to lose that game that's the only two losses on the season so the question will be for mike tony james harden and chris paul especially why in lower leverage games were you guys best team in the league but in a sport where the champion is crowned sick that crown signifies that you are the best team why when it mattered most were you not to best team that will be the question the season would be bitter disappointment without a championship for the rockets this season dan.

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