Weinstein, The Sundance Film Festival, Ben Affleck discussed on Red Eye Radio


And help ensure that there are more women in positions of power oh and then she just rose you know rose mcgowan who who uh was named in the new york times initials story after 1997 incident uh the then 23yearold was reportedly given an undisclosed settlement after the episode in a hotel room with weinstein at the sundance film festival now she's claiming because she went out and said you know you lie um and she's claiming that ben affleck not only knew about it but actively did nothing he has not yet responded to her uh uh uh accusation i you know ben affleck has been out in a we've talked about when he's been on a bill maher before an and arguing for social justice uh what's what's clear is is here though this was known in the hollywood community this was known yet and and i don't know i mean i i don't you know people sit there and they say uh you know i've i've i've somebody somebody uh i forgot who was somebody uh in the media throughout the other day there's been so many different a tweets on this that you know why and somebody come forward and it was a hollywood actress responding furiously saying you know what it's like your job rob would be at risk and are bent and and all the other stuff and and and again i mean some people gets never happened to me but anything that i disagree with and business irrespective of the money that i would lou lose never stop me from just there's a in me there's.

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