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But we've got Rams and we've got seats. This is the one versus the two right now in the NFC undefeated team, and it's six one team, although everybody seeing Nick Mullins rear view mirror and getting a little panic leak may be catching up to the Rams or at least ask you. If you think that's the case three of the last four wins for LA been within a field goal Bill. We'll start with you who has advantage Sunday. And what is Rams have the advantage in the there already was stellar? They added Dante Fowler. They got a edge rusher. They needed their offense can be unstoppable. They've won big games on the road in places in Denver in Seattle. They can play in these conditions. There's better overall team in New Orleans. They have more weapons were ways to beat you. They got a coach that's all that's on the cutting edge. I'm taking a Rams filers plug in and play. And he's going to be good to go for. Yes. From the edge. Absolutely. What do you pay? I just don't understand Bill picking an LA team to win. You remember Bill? Good times. We've had a New Orleans, and you know, how long those to window every none of us. I want to hear more about that. What we're getting that going to commercial break. All right. Go ahead. The saints. The saints at home are invincible as far as I'm concerned, they rarely lose. They're they are number one. We know about girly. But the saints are number one. It gets run in the NFL this year. I got the best leading passer in the league this year. Drew brees. They've got a running game. They've got wide receivers. I think this is a bigger game to the saints because the Rams can lose. And you know, they've had three games to two and three they've won by. They're ready to lose on the road. Sarahspain? They are in fact, Vincent because they're ten and eleven and their last eleven at home. So that's not invincible. But that being said the reason part of the reason they've been so good is because drew Brees is getting unbelievable protection. He's only been sacked nine times this season, which is only more than last night in one game. But it's also one fewer than Aaron Donald sacks on the season. Which means that we might see some real pressure for. Drew brees. And I think until the Rams lose a game and actually full on lose a game. They will always be my favourite even in New Orleans. Give it absolutely. I mean, there's no evidence to suggest that the Rams would not win. This won't win this game. Bill pointed out, they have a better offense Bill went out. They have a better defense. And what no one point out is guess what they also have bettle better special teams top five in the league in that category right now, and they're playing what they world of confidence. And even if girly is taken out of the game somehow by by the same. They still have weapon. Okay. Speaking of a world of confidence. It sounds like the trip in Baton Rouge or New Orleans wherever you guys that pledge skied and paid shared in some confident moments. I wanna hear about this. We'll go to break here by yourself. Play for fifteen just get to the good stuff. Please go ahead and go what I hear about it. No. I can't I can't even begin to go. There. Don't remember. Neither. All right. We'll take a break your cellular side. So Bill I said put on a pair of my name.

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