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Your buddy. I'm Leonard Maltin. I'm Jesse Maltin. You're listening to Maltin on movies, and we have to count them two guests today, and they are kind of joined at the hip, so we couldn't get just one. No, they came as a set. That's at a matching batching in pepper. That's right. And their names are Phil Lord. And Chris Miller welcomed gentlemen, though. I had someone ask me, and I'm not kidding. If you were called Lord Miller, right? That is by design opposed to being like. Versus band. Well, are is called Lord Miller. Without any punctuation me, we want to masquerade as like an English Lord. Like like, Lord, Lew grade who produce the muppet show and other stuff we have wanted to sort of have people imagine a single entity. We build one person. America. These are the fellows behind the LEGO movie cloudy with a chance of meatballs most recently. They produced in you co wrote Spiderman into the spider verse, which I sent you an Email with his review because I okay, I spent December and from England spent December in England with our family and our friends, so I'm just getting emails from him with what he wants to post review is in income spider verse. And I said this is not a joke. You you want to? Okay. And I think the first line of it is something like, this is the greatest animated film. I've ever seen. But it and the whole thing, and when I did post it and people started responding going, but but Leonard, you know, a lot about animation. Are you? Sure you want to and he was going to get. Yeah. No. I'm in. I'm in for this, it blew my mind. And I said to my husband we have to go see the movie because holy crap. That's a big deal from him. You know, it's a lot. So good job. You guys. Thank you. I was scared to open it. I try not to read reviews these days, they require out. No, no. It's it is freaky. I only look for the one thing that might be interpreted as a negative at all. I'm scanning for and then if I don't find that and feel bad about myself. I it's useless. It's more relief than joy just going like where the bogies. Okay. We got away with. Now, I I'm a huge fan of clone high. Oh early days. I love that show. I don't think you and someone on the internet decided to let me know that there's a teeny like shot of it in spider verse. Yes, there's a billboard for clone. College time where in the movie takes place in an alternate dimension. And things are different in that dimension. So all the movies and athletes are different and one of the things is that Cohn. High was a huge long running show that then had movie called clone college and that happened in that alternate demento. It would be awesome. If it were to happen. This is a long con. This whole movie things just trying to get clone. High back hang on. Obviously, you guys didn't get the memo the memo about travelling straight down one path. Yes for your careers and. You know, maybe with enough success? You could indulge yourself now with a little little outside project. So. You come out of animation. And then you direct live action. Twenty one jump street, and it sequel, and you create TV shows and some that you right and some the produce and some that you jointly direct. And then you you launch an incredible show called last man on earth. Glad you like that. Oh, yeah. And it's like. It's like you doing it all wrong. We're doing it wrong. I should be like Jackson. Quarterback doing it. All it back or a man. No question. Yeah. I'm so glad we've had this intervention. You want to be like Jackson. Pollock you come up on this. You try bunch of stuff. You're great artist. You come up with this drip thing. It's awesome. And then you stick with that. Right. Right. To the end Jasper Johns and the flags and flag or flags. Yeah. I know. I know he diversified. He had the targets. That's true. He did eventually very confusing. Big mistake Bor, so so you guys met at Dartmouth. It's true, which university a college college knowledge that yes, it is a small college. But there are those who love it in the words of Daniel Webster..

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