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Or to house wastewater is. You can't just release whether it's Uh speights or comprom- ej from acid. Mine can't release this stuff back into the Environment at least not without a whole lot of treatment but in the case of acidly like it's just going to sit there got thousands of these mines all over the world and they've got a fairly good track record but just because there's so many even a one percent. Aol ray on a tailings dam or reservoir still is refounded a year. So you can imagine yeah like this type of ecosystem altering event happening three times years somewhere in the world like eventually it's going to be bad like it's gonna be a real bad day if one of these more poisonous waste waters spills into a residential area war. No in the article add brought up a visit bristol bay or the boundary waters. Oh the which had had proposed wretches metal mines oath are both of which are proposed sides precious metal mines one of them bristol. Bay is the largest and most important source for the salmon industry vision. So i was gone. We would lose that entire while. Resource and boundary waters is a huge atra wilderness. Area out year. It's a it's a wild scenario to think of you know It's something we definitely have to make a conscience effort to think about just just as as we leave our human footprint on this world We just have to have the ability to consider the damage they were doing. And the potential impact in you know there's always going to be a need for consumerism. Jibes things the way they do so you always have to consider the fact that those minor things are going to be there. But i think doing the right thing. And finding ways to protect those precious environment that we have or ecosystems. Something is easy is like. Hey should i fertilize my yard or should. I not fertilize my yard. You know what's going grow their what's not going to grow their like that has impacts of its own so you have to kind of do a risk assessment. Every time you see one of these things come up because every time a site gets owes they say. Oh it's one. it's safe plan. But as i pointed out like the numbers can be a little bit misleading on paper. But when you take it out auto context running a.

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