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Have is he also voted for to restructure the permanent fun he voted for the crime bill and he was senate president when governor walker veto the permanent fund remember of the gift year there have been do anything about and the house wrote yet the house had written a letter to senate leadership saying hey let's me in joint session to consider overturning this veto kevin meyer was the senate president at the time and cabin meyer would not call his body back do you see what i'm saying dustin again so he start looking at who's actually in the race and you have lynn gattison young gary stevens and again if one of these things is not like the other the more they all look the same then it's start looking at okay will who is the most palatable you see where i'm going with this i mean it's so long ways to go this election four lieutenant governor won't be until 2018 uh the primary ob in august next year the general will be in november but will really know the field it'll get set oh i have to look at the specific dates but it'll be said by early summer next year you know they'll have the final linked periods and whatnot so we'll see who gets in the race but anyway suzanne has this up here she said senate gives senator kevin meyer bank ridge is making it look like he might run for lieutenant governor he faces the same legislative council issue is gary even this i don't bind to be a big deal uh and having not one but two of the key members run for the same statewide offices even bigger problem for the senate majority and the committees on committee now i just i don't find that to be a big deal listen if you're going to run for office sometimes you have to you have to give up some things and they might have to give up some their senate position but we'll see and then it goes on to say okay so if in fact let's see if i can get my computer to cooperate with me if in fact uh you have kennett kevin meyer run for lieutenant governor and that opens a seat for his senate seat was so it'll your obree chris birch or sharise molet probably stepping up.

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