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To take this seriously. Not just for themselves, but also to to reach out and make sure others who may have fewer social connections to check on them and to make sure that they have a way to stay cool. As for ice cream shop owner Chad Drazen he's helping others do just that. The delivery van the ice cream van isn't being used right now, so I'm taking some gallons of water out to focus on the street to just help some people. I think we all have to help each other out right now. Drayson is hoping to have his shops back open Tuesday when the temperature slides down a little bit into the upper nineties for NPR news. I'm Dina preacher in Portland, Oregon. This is NPR news. Well, not as hot as the Portland, Oregon area in parts of the Pacific Northwest here in the Bay Area, another hot and dry day while inland but near normal temperatures continue for the rest of our area. No big weather changes are forecast for this coming week with continued evening and morning. Low clouds. Coast close to the Coast. Look for highs today in the Bay Area from the sixties to the low eighties. Breezy at times this afternoon. Sunny 99 degrees, The forecast high today in Sacramento. 100 years ago This month, a woman named Sadie Alexander became the first black American to get a PhD in economics. Things, however, did not quite go according to plan from there, No one hired her into a position as an economist. She eventually became a lawyer. I'm Kai raised all Sadie Alexander's legacy. Next time on marketplace hear more about it today, along with financial news at four P.m. and 6:30 p.m. on marketplace Right here on KQED Public Radio. Dozens of people charged for crimes during the capital insurrection have alleged ties to the proud boys, and the organization has struggled since then. Some of its members have even walked away. So I knew.

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