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So the tallest nine men lineup ever is the 2016 Tigers on may twenty second. They had an average lineup height of seventy five point eleven inches. It seems like the inky is could fairly easily exceed that by like ED's much as half an inch potentially. They could you can construct a roster. Like, if you go, you know, censh- as bird tool at ski gregorious when he comes back. Lemay Hugh, Stanton Hicks judge Voight is just giants top to bottom. Obviously that requires like Brett Gardner to be not starting that day. And you know, what's key not to be hurt in gregorious to come back and both bird and Voight to be hitting enough to play first the H, and anyway, you can. Come up with a bunch of combinations. Where they could very easily be the team that has ever hit. So that is interesting and tweeted about that in Lindsay Adler was responding to be on Twitter about just her trial of having to cover this enormous team as a person who is not also a giant. It's almost like if you're in a clubhouse trying to cover this team. You have to like hold your recorder over your head to talk to these people because they're all enormous. And when I were just saying that the B W A should get like a step stool installed next to the lockers or something so that the non athletic people can actually talk to the giants in that clubhouse. I understand this coming from a place of physical privilege, but I have never before in my life. At least as an adult have the experience of having to look up to somebody. I don't even know I something I absolutely take for granted when I was in high school. I was the second tallest Mike class dated the second shortest person in Mike Lassen. I just have no conception of what that must have been like from the other side and look. I know have the sands. I'm sorry. I I didn't choose this. I was born this way. And I grew this way. But when you when you were when you were even average height. But if you're if you're shorter than average height, and then you're talking to somebody tall. Do you think about it is it there to feel imposed upon feel intimidated having to look up or is it just some people get used to? I haven't had to do this. I was literally child. Yeah. It's an average height person. And so when I'm just walking around in the world, I don't feel short particularly. But if I'm in like, the Yankees clubhouse, and I'm right next to Aaron judge or Giancarlo Stanton or something. I mean, those are people that even you would have to look up to and Lindsay was saying that her neck is like strained from just constantly like having detected CCC, Beth or whatever. So when you're in a baseball clubhouse, at least for me like that's the only time when I do kind of feel small like, I remember..

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