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His Texas ranch will be temporarily closed the home known as the Texas White. House is, having structural issues the National Park Service said Thursday that the pool house will also be closed other attractions at the Lyndon B, Johnson national historic park are still open that includes Johnson's boyhood home in. Johnson city, the ranch house is outside of Johnson city visitors there can still do a driving tour and go to the visitor Center the park service, said that the other facilities will be closed until it can be confirmed that there aren't any safety problems security. Officials say Russia poses a continuing threat to American elections AP correspondent Warren Levinson reports, amid complaints the White House has gone easy on, Russian efforts to, disrupt American. Elections a platoon of security and intelligence officials told reporters we're aware of. The threat and we're pushing back we, continue to, see a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to try to weaken and divide, the United States director of national intelligence Dan Coats says the effort isn't as robust as it was two years ago but cautioned you it's just. A click away from becoming, so national security adviser John Bolton claimed Trump warned. Ladimir Putin about interference at their, meeting, in Helsinki the one in which Trump appear to accept Putin's denials I'm Warren. Levinson Heineken has struck a deal to expand in. China which is the world's biggest beer market the Dutch brewing company Says is buying a forty percent stake in China, Resources beer or, CR be hi I'm making crane AP digital manager and host. Of the podcast ground game a look at the top political issues bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm election it's. Available on apple. Podcasts and podcast when while you're there be sure, to subscribe rate and review it.

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