Pine Ridge Indian Health Service regains accreditation


This is national native news I'm Antonio Gonzalez the Pine Ridge Indian Health Service Hospital in south, Dakota has regained accreditation and can now bill Medicare for services. Jackie Henry has more the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Services ended its provider agreement with the Pine Ridge IHS facility in two thousand, seventeen, citing the facilities failure to meet care standards. Losing that agreement meant the facility couldn't reimburse treatments through those programs by November of last year. A CMS survey team reported the hospital to be one hundred percent compliant with standards. Last month. The Joint Commission awarded the hospital full accreditation after a virtual survey. James Driving Hawk is the Great Plains area director for Indian Health Services? Services he says the Pine Ridge team has demonstrated, it can consistently meets standards. We have expanded leadership oversight from the office to the hospital and improve staffing levels, and we have increased requirements for medical staff, credentialing education of our staff were quality standards and implemented new checks and balances to ensure new issues that arise are addressed promptly. He says the agreement with CMS will help. The facility maintained and expanded services going forward now that all of our visits that we have a with our our patients are are able to be reimbursed, fully reimbursed now and so those the hospitals will receive that additional revenue, and then we take that revenue investment back into to. Into Services Driving Hawk says one of those investments planned renovation of the Pine Ridge IHS Emergency Department I'm Jacky, Henry in Sioux Falls South Dakota native people, their allies and city officials took part in a celebration in Santa Fe. New Mexico Thursday after a statue a Spanish governor Don. Vargas was taken down. They also called for the removal of a war monument, bearing racist inscription. The celebration followed demonstrations earlier this week in Albuquerque and Rio Arriba. County were statues of Spanish. One day on Yati were removed autumn. Roseville a CO founder of three sisters collective spoke to the crowd about the atrocities. Committed against Tacoma people in the late fifteen hundreds, hundreds of people passed away dirty, not massacre, and the men who survived the were enslaved, and had the right foot amputated. And that's why you saw the statue. In the late nineteen ninety S, Donlon Yahtzee with his right foot cutoff. Because we still remember native people say the removal of statues of colonizers in new. Mexico is a long time coming including tribal leaders who've worked with politics on removing the stone pillar, honoring military actions Jorge Rivera former governor of a Pueblo and has been involved in talks about its removal. MONUMENT CARVED IN MARBLE We're referred to as savages and savage has a lot of meaning both legally and culturally. Has a lot of meaning, and it was not appropriate for it to be used. In describing are people. I. Think are people are. the public people touch people now hope people create the image of the southwest, and everybody knows that you know that tribes are still alive and vibrant in this area. The mayor of Santa Fe Ellen Weber spoke at Thursday's event, calling the removal of statues part of healing and justice. He did not mention if for when the monument would be taken down or a statue of Soldier Kit Carson. The Hilo River Indian community has closed its casinos for two weeks due to recent spikes of covid nineteen in Arizona. The tribe halted gaming operations in March due to Cova nineteen and reopened in May after the state lifted stay at home orders. The second closure comes after a casino employee reportedly died recently due to complications of Covid nineteen I'm Antonio Gonzalez.

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