freeCodeCamp with Quincy Larson


To make as well so let's first just talk about products surface area. Sure so free co camp is really three different core applications. There's the curriculum and. Portfolios? That's one of the pillars. And that is all custom code part. That's when we say the platform nationally what we're talking about we also have. A free co Camp Dot Org Slash News, which is our publication and published several articles today they're often in-depth explanatory journalism about technology. Then we have the free forum, and that's the third pillar of Free Co camp now. All three of those run on separate servers, the free cocaine forum is powered by discourse, which is a really cool self hosted open source form tool created by the founder of flow. Jeff Atwood in his. And that's very well maintained, and you can get your own discourse running really easily if you want to. You can just deploy to the cloud, and it'll live on its own server in docker container, and there you go. Same thing with free. Co Camp Dot org slash news that is running on ghost, which is another self hosted open source project that just released version three of their tool, and it's like wordpress, but it doesn't have a lot of the baggage that comes with wordpress. wordpress is excellent. But it does have some vulnerabilities in it does have. A very complicated plugin system in wordpress is trying to do a lot of things whereas ghost is just trying to be. A publication tool. So we have maybe. Seven thousand articles on. Free Co powder slash news at this point and we have. Hundreds of thousands of posts on free cochem dot org slash. So those are those who now if you want, I can drill into what powers the frequent camp platform the core curriculum. Please do yeah, so we are running. React on the front end. We're running known. As the back end were running a tool called loop. which is. An API tool. It essentially turns your rap into an API where all the routes. Can, confess chase on as well they shemale. It's something that's already baked into tools like ruby on rails like with ron rails. You take any euro. You could just put dot Jason at the end of it and get a Jason Representation of that of the data in that route so. Does a lot of that stuff. We ease Mogadishu for database and we have managed cluster. On 'em lab and we're working on moving that over to Mugabe's new atlas tool. Atlas. 'EM! Lab was acquired by Manga to be recently, so they're kind of sunsetting 'em lab. I think so. We're in the process of moving everything over. To have a big sharded system because we have a lot of data. We've got millions of records, and each of those records has these of challenge completions. And a whole lot of other data that they've added to their portfolio and the portfolios themselves were working on growing them, and making them a lot richer in terms of just having a lot more data like you can submit a whole different projects you've built from. Outside of the Free Co curriculum as well if you built your own. Jobs script game for example you could submit that and turn that into a kind of like a Lincoln light four developers, so we're working on that the platform itself in terms of the curriculum. Is. A gatsby APP and you hit that. Euro Free Co Camp Dot org slash learn and the entire curriculum loads. And it stays in your browser. It. Of Challenges, and then when you complete challenges, it will post those to the server, and if you disconnect from the server for some reason, you can keep completing challenges than when you reconnected a push that back up to free Co camp servers, so we're very close to having be fully offline. Functional APP like a progressive

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