Dan Riskin - burst 02


Roxanne Roberts. And author of the new book you're doing great and other reasons to stay alive and hosted the new podcast breaking bread with Tom Papa. It's Tom Papa. And I'm making his. I have literally never asked this of any listener in twenty two years. We've been doing this show Mitch, but I kind of have to are. Are you in fact practicing nudity at this moment? Of course. Yes. Of course he is. All right then. This is already the best episode. It really is we. We really finally hit the zenith right here. Well Mitch, a welcome to the show. You'RE GONNA play. WHO's bill this time? Bill Curtis is going to read you three quotations from this week's news. Can correctly identify explained to them. You'll win our prize any voice from our show. You choose your voicemail ready to play. Fam- all right. Your first quotas from Donald. J trump literary critic. The book which is terrible reviews is a combination of lies and made up stories all intended to make me look bad. President trump didn't particularly care for a new book by whom. Bolton yes, John Bolton. Now you may remember John, Bolton as the third worst Bolton there is after Ramsay, Bolton psychopathic villain from game of thrones and

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