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Very excited. We're very excited rentals. Here we're talking about sex Gd and Elliott epic epic twenty four hours of sex and it seems that JD has found a way to bring Elliott all the way to the promised land because she seems to be really enjoying sex the fact that they have it like six or seven is ridiculous even brings up. I'm GONNA need a vagina transplant. She says she's sending of giant transplant. Which is a very funny fantasies cutting to the guys running through all go the cooler. The Cooler I know is that they should have done the song in the bucks. Randall was johnny transplant. Something that anyone was worried about getting through the sensors because it seems pretty pretty risque to have a vagina in a box. I remember there being like some conversation. I can't remember whether it was whether it was lot of companies with the great thing about scrubs was that there was always something else to point like you know another red herring. It will have a dime the bucks but he says Dick three times two pages later. We'll get rid so part of Reynolds job was was being bills liaison to the studio and being like listen guys. It's just one the giant antibiotics box or not going to happen. John is in every week and the great thing about about the the working with the person there was a a a woman. Can't remember there was this was saying because lives this Sandy. Christmas was this very sweet woman who used to have these conversations with so I'd get on the phone and now random and dying in the ball and you know and then you later Sabinus. Do we have to have all of that in the sheriff? And what's funny is so often. Give you the Sheet of all their objections. And it's a negotiation and then even when you get it through like okay. We're fine with the vagina in the box. Please do not show of China in a Box. Like even even share your like really guys. You had to write that on the paper like we were going to go to China for NBC in the box. Sometimes they say sometimes they say stuff and you think oh Dan your way dirtier than that is not what we meant is. This is a true story we had to go into the effects visual effects and adjust Donald Scrubs in a particular scene. Because if we're seen too much about Oh yes we do Dan how about you do it. Let's have some thunder loss from my junk. If you wouldn't mind put up right those alone at the table. Reads IN MOST OF MY S. Go whenever nurse. Roberts couldn't be at the Taylor. Read a random would play. Her and his favorite part was doing her Speaking of speaking of Aloma holy cow. She's amazing in this episode. Very funny every one of her lines lands hard. You know what I mean white boys you mean. It was a secret all of this everything that she said in this episode. I laughed out loud. I'll let's get ready to into it right away. You know. Let's the janitor sees Aloma and she sees him and she looks at him. Like get the fuck out of my way and Randall. Bill is still hanging onto his his his dream that the janitor was only seen by JD in season one and we are on our detectives that are quickly proving him wrong in every other episode. Yes yes I. I never bought into that he was a figment of JD's metropolitan and Mr Snuff. I mean because there's some episodes later I remember an episode. I directly where he has a group of men play by our team you know in the survey are all and and isn't his his his side. He has two sidekicks joy and Randall. Right yeah Randall. I remember Randall. Martin played by Martin. My Martin WHO's also in Oz. The great and powerful with me and he was also in pirates of the Caribbean. Yes I love the gun. Let's talk about Coleco Vision. Which comes up at seven twenty one and you have Coleco vision. Either one of you. I did not my friend had COLECO vision and I remember clinical vision being so awesome because video games looked exactly like they look in the arcade so donkey Kong in Donkey Kong from the arcade. And I remember that game. I don't I don't remember the smart. Well sorry we're interested in video games please go. I'm sure on Youtube. They can play you. The theme music from smurfs on clear vision and that jam was fire. Was It loud? Learn la La la La la La land that was the dope. Shit la La la La la La la La la a hill ahead. Let's it this way. Jc can make a song from hard. Knock Life yes you do that again. Kicking my beat box and we've got a long a staple a la La la La la have to line that up with some delay but we think it's fire and I think we can be a hard knock life you you. Donald onset used to do transformers as our dude late night. Neil Diamond Neil. Diamond singing transformers. I thought I did it already. But if I haven't if you missed it do defense formers more than meets the Young. Keep you on the face dead. Bettas to destroy the evil. I deserve the Disip Dakota and Neil Diamond's your best impersonation you also do a pretty good I don't know much but I know being my you do a better version of Aaron Neville denied to mice mind trash had no doubt may be me way better than mine way better than mine. There you go. That's the extent of our impressions. Coleco vision great game system. I felt like a baller because I had it. And you know it remember. The control was like a long rectangle and there was certainly on the bottom. Yeah not to be confused within television which I didn't have or in television well. Was it in television. It was COLECO vision. Start with the Atari. Twenty six hundred. I remember that everybody had that and COLECO vision. Go ahead Randall. I feel like the guy with the gaming headset. You weigh in this big sound a hundred years old. I'm only doing a puzzle during Cova. That is all of the original Video Games. Tari and like. Yeah so it's puzzle. It's a mismatch. Few Van Gogh's starry night and we are not even getting anywhere near to starting it but I feel like if it was the old game console view but had it done already. I'm sending to you. There's an Alpha mentioned in the shop. I loved Alf. I was a huge fan of Alpha announced to maximize. What are you doing? The puppet from outer space who love to eat cats. I remember being a little kid and the trailer teaser. For Alf came on and I remember being a little kid. My first film critic going that looked so stupid custody loving ALFLEX having to animals. What was that about Al? I visited the outset. You did remember yes now. Was it raised up so they can have puppeteer. Yes and it was it was. It wasn't a real state that no warehouse in Culver City. Max Right who was who played the father who was an accomplished a feat actor and Shakespearean actor and Genius Actor. All around fucking hated it. I think that's part of the lore is that he absolutely hated doing a puppet show now did you. Did you watch all the Alps? We really just because there's a memphis odes. I meant to me. I'm not ready to re watch podcast. But there's a very special alf where I I remember mostly is crying during Sweetie Alfred to visit the girl in the hospital. It was like you know tonight on a very special health D. member when they would like back in the day for those who are too young when there was a sad like on scrubs episodes all the time. But I'm old sitcoms. They would always warn you like tonight on a very special. Silver spoons will recur will kill a deer. We recommend we recommend parents watch with their children. Remember that for sure but on scrubs if it was sad we would play the theme song a little. Yeah a silver spoons. When the record kill the deer there was different strokes. When Dudley got molested by the bike shop owner remember that I do remember that. And everything happened to Dudley or Arnold. Yeah and then. I don't know what happened on now but I don't know if they made the announcement it must have been serious ten nine special episode Alf. Alf Learns to touch himself. Oh boy I used to have an animal and a on their mind made it sound like I fucked the dollar. I didn't I just I just it did sound like you feel like you're about to say. I I didn't tale. I don't Know No. He did not look at how to tail off did not have a tail. You feel really confident about that. You didn't some you can see al asked that much okay. Let's talk about how well Johnny doesn't this episode Monologue section. Everybody's great in the jewel. You look at your face. Lit Up does have a tail shit sending Donald. You fucking Liar. I just don't remember the long-term Listen Dog Stale and it only you can see him like he's looking out the window and single shy. Listen but I WANNA see if the allies remember episodes of scrubs how am I supposed to remember out who doesn't have a tail so I have a memory? I think what I was trying to save the stuffed animals. I used to pull outs tail through his legs to make it look like it was albums peanuts. Gosh all right so good in this episode that before we do that..

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