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Okay uh this is an x is a little bit of an experiment this is mike berbig liam and i have a new tour and it's called the new one going to like fifty cities i'm really thrilled about it i had this idea like why don't i take my five albums and have one episode for each where i discuss it with like an old friend this episode is john mullany one is with jet appetite one is with my brother joe ones with pete homes ones was by way of jan and um and i thought it would be really fun and i i think you guys are really enjoy it welcome to the old ones who boom boom boom herewith median john mullane e one of the americas in the world's great comedians one of my favorites and longtime friend we've been working together for a billion years i've never not done comedy with you involved never i'd no yes you got me started in khamis i've never done comedy without you well again yeah i was looking back at some of those dates what were the core that college oh yeah item interview rail uranga i knew years never dance time that i have been even close to a comedian and not known and so you and i have known each other so long 2000 i'd say right well i graduated in two thousand and i came back started at george jhansi thazan and i came back to do a workshop uhhuh with nick crolles improv group he was a senior and the director of the improper eboni was a freshman and he had just cast me so when he was a freshman we were in the funniest person on campus contest together that's how we met and he always tells the story told on conan about how he sort of miserably lost this thing by had by planting a fake like peeing mechanism that s has his plan for his act was he was going to have a balloon in his path.

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