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For the league lead carlos gonzales at home run for colorado in that game as the nationals fall to six and eight they are in fourth place in the national league as first time they've been that low in the standings since may fifth two thousand fifteen as the nationals drop another one tonight was colorado who pulled off the win for the second straight game and nationals park meanwhile the rockies having to deal with some suspensions i came down for their brawl against the padres the other day nolan renato a five gamer geraldo power a fourgame suspension luis perdomo whose pitched to arenando started that fight got five games while anthony ren don't tonight at leave that game early after falling a ball off his foot no word yet on your friend don is seriously injured or non or just came out for precautionary reasons miami pittsburgh tonight seventy two pirates off to their best starts nineteen two but cooled off by the marlins tonight as dylan peter's p chad cool justin in home run for the marlins he had a couple of the other night against the mets allies d as a hit a home run for the pirates up on the fact that the marlins scored three runs on a sac fly earlier in that game starling castro at a ball to right field gregory polanco caught it through home the catcher survey then caught the ball from polanco the run was scoring and then fire the ball down into center field i don't know where the center fielder was that ball rolls almost all the way to the wall after survey through it so the basis were unloaded on what started as a sacked fly off the bat of starling castro phillies one tonight they're seven and five things certainly have changed for gabe kappler's team after a rough opening weekend ed romo silver alex colonna tonight hector narrates.

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