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Ramps. If you spot traffic problems called the tip line for 79 23 36 Next report in 10 minutes. I'm Bobby Ellis News Radio. Wait. 40 W H s my folks without updated Forecast. Im Wook. Why Chief meteorologist J. Cargo see the new work week Starting off with Mohr Beautiful weather. Lots of sunshine continues on this Monday afternoon. Those temperatures, a mix of middle and upper seventies. Back in the low and middle fifties. Tonight with clear skies a few more clouds around. That's still a real pretty day for the first day of autumn tomorrow, high temperatures in the upper seventies too near 80, and we'll hold on to the dry skies into Wednesday as well. That's your forecast. Some wook Why? Chief Meteorologist J. Cardosi, Kentucky and breaking news, weather and traffic station. This's news radio. Wait, 40 w H. J s your news now. 30 Whole mile radius 8 40. Our top story. President Trump says the announcement of his choice for the U. S. Supreme Court will come by the end of the week. Correspondent Stephen Portnoy has the latest. The president says he's narrowed it down to four or five choices. He says he'll announce the pick on Friday or Saturday. Mr Trump tells Fox News he's inclined to pick a younger candidate who could serve on the court for decades, he notes. One judge on his short list is just 38 years old. President says it's his hope that the Senate will vote to confirm the PIC before Election Day, which is six weeks from tomorrow. Stephen Portnoy reporting from the White House. Governor Bashir will hold a covert 19 briefing every day through Thursday. This week, the first one coming up at four o'clock today. Will Clark has war on Sundays. Corona Virus numbers in Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir on Sunday announced 439 new cases of Corona virus. 68 of those cases were in Children, ages. 18 and under 12 of them were ages five and under the youngest new case was in a two month old. Governor also reported three additional deaths, bringing the state's virus death toll to 1111. The two deaths on Sunday included two people from Fayette County, a 66 year old man and a 92 year old woman and a 91 year old man from Boyd County. Will Clark News Radio Wait. 40 W. H S Indiana health officials today announced 535 new covert cases, along with seven Do desk. A total of 3287 Hoosiers are confirmed to have died from covert 19. Three former Corona virus hot spots are doing better as Florida is reporting the fewest do covert cases since June 10th over in Arizona, the Department of Health Services reporting just 233 new cases today and in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Only one person died from the virus yesterday. Texas biz preparing for tropical storm conditions from beta as the storm moves a little faster toward the central Texas coast governor Greg Abbott. This is going to be a heavy flooding event and whether it be from Victoria to the Houston area over the Beaumont. We do anticipate heavy flooding and hence perhaps the need to rescue people from very serious situations. Tropical Storm Beta is set to make landfall sometime tonight. On Wall Street. The closing bell is fast approaching and stocks are dealing with a case of the Monday Blues. The Dow Jones industrial average.

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