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So it's probably about, oh, I don't know. One to a hundred. Did I spend a little time talking about that side of his life when he joins me at 9 o'clock? And for those of you who have been tuning into our shows throughout the week, you know that we've been celebrating Maryland horse week here on HR N looking back on the grand history and the tradition of Maryland racing in the Maryland breeding industry. So those two interviews will build boniface and Tom Rooney tie in perfectly. And help us wrap up Marilyn horse week. And I want to say a very special thank you to the Maryland horse breeders association for their support. They've been a longtime supporter of us here on the network. Cricket good on the team do a fantastic job. And I want to thank them for their support in making this past week possible. Last year they helped make nicks go week. A success here on the network. And Marilyn horse week was a success this week, too. It was a lot of fun to look back on some of the great Maryland breads in racing history. You're also going to hear my interview with Hall of Fame jockey Daryl mccarg. If that name doesn't ring a bell, Daryl guided 23 to one long shot master Derby to victory in the 1975 Preakness over that year's Kentucky Derby winner foolish pleasure. Why is that significant you might ask? Well, because the Preakness has always been known. As the most formulation of the Triple Crown races. In its 147 years, and that includes the race being split into two divisions back in 1918. The Preakness has been won by the favorite 73 times. Almost 50%, which is unheard of in the sport. So advantage mage, later today. Master Derby's 23 to one price in 1975 is still to this day, the longest of any Preakness winner in history. And as jockey Darryl McCarthy will tell you exactly what went into that upset. Back in 75, and he'll join me again coming up right about 9 o'clock eastern. And the 9 o'clock hour is loaded. It also features Michael blowen, founder of old Friends, who joins me to tell you about some of the previous Preakness winners and what they're up to now. 10 o'clock Scott Shapiro takes you on the twin spires triple play. He'll give you three races to keep an eye on this afternoon. Kurt Becker takes you on his weekly stroll through racing history at ten 20 and at ten 30 del Roman's Tim wilkin will join me for I ask the answer. And you know, one topic that Dale and Tim are going to discuss. Is the topic that seems to be brought up every year at this time about changing the spacing of the Triple Crown races. This year, those in favor of revamping the Triple Crown. Have a little extra fuel on that fire. Because Derby winner mage is the only Kentucky Derby horse to make the trip to Baltimore. And only a field of 7 will compete in today's race. That's the lowest number, the lowest field size, since 1986. And you have to wonder if some of the recent events have played a role in the decisions. Of some connections not to send their horse to the Preakness after running in the Derby two weeks ago. Now, as much as any time in the history of our sport, trainers, owners, and their horses are under an intense microscope. And if something were to go wrong in the Preakness after running their horse in The Kentucky Derby two weeks ago, what would the backlash and the scrutiny look like? I think it would be intense. And I wonder if that is sitting in the back of the minds. Of some of the connections that decided not to move on to the second leg of the Triple Crown. After being beaten in Louisville two weeks ago. It's a topic I'll bring up with Dale and Tim, ten 30 eastern and I asked the answer looking forward to hearing their responses and their thoughts. Poll question today, who is your pick? To win today's Preakness stakes.

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