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They're they're very aware that they fit this nontraditional model, and I think it's important for women to start understanding that as well that if they're going to be in this kind of dynamic are they willing to to go that route into sort of maybe loosened the reins on the identity pieces that might be really critical to them. And so some of the research on maternal gate keeping comes to mind where women are often hesitant to relinquish responsibility for family matters. You know, they they want to set the schedules. They don't want to let their husbands or the fathers take as much responsibility in terms of how the fairly dynamics works. And so I think that you know for. Women who are gonna be primary breadwinners or sold breadwinners that that relinquishing of the maternal 'gate-keeping needs to be something that they're aware of they need to be you know, mindful that they're doing that. If that's something that's important to them. I think they also have to understand that they're not immune to the socialization pressure. So in my research with Julian borrowing on status leakage, the women that we studied were incredibly educated. They were highly successful. I mean, these were high status professional women, and even they were not immune to the traditional norm. So they still reported a higher level of status leakage when they out earned their husbands so feeling resentful that their partner made less than they did, you know feeling embarrassed or wishing that he had a similar level of status, so despite their all of their complements and their achievements in their education. They still can feel the pressures of the social norms that are in place. And so I think women just need to be really self reflective about that challenge. And just be mindful that they have to deal with those pressures. So. Let's talk a little bit about kids. And and what they think of all this. We did us Jillian Andy's older two boys who are seven and Ted dot ask baby. Winslow what they think about their mom going to the office and their dads staying at home. What you hear in in the boys answers?.

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