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Gomer we'll be right back faced such security triple team traffic make sure your lights Ron you gonna need to my now bless you going to have some rain to deal with off and on I four eastbound slam tonight you got delays coming in through Paul county the champions gate one ninety two to five thirty five two that is the area and then say like two Kirkman that's all through the park's getting it delays into downtown a Conroy a little bit I'll be T. to Kaylee then part to Fairbanks past Maitland four thirty for the rest and for seventeen to the bridge was found so pass like merry Fairbanks to colonial John Young to the turnpike than say like passenger for parkway one ninety to pass the four twenty nine turnpike is a mess you're gonna hit heavy delays northbound past one ninety two off and on all the way up to the beach line westbound slow past the beach line but a big problem is going to be out in Lake County where and the turnpike northbound shut down the twenty seven from accident investigation you also have a crash before twenty seven now in the left lane so I get off at twenty seven you can consider your alternates through their but you're going to hit some heavy delays this report is sponsored by all state with an Allstate agent you get a local expert and help find you the best coverage for you plus when you buy the home and auto you can save so call your local Allstate agent today are you in good hands with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're helping you get to work on time I'm Jacki o'brien is ninety six point five W. D. BO the three things you need to three our the search for a missing toward helicopter is tragically over in Hawaii first responders found the wreckage in a mountainous area.

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