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To eight to eight two brought to you by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Indiana man, knocked into Lake Michigan by heavy waves last night have been identified. Finally, police say they are twenty two year old John Hammond of LaPorte he was treated and released twenty year Slater Harkleroad of union mills Indiana was pronounced dead at a hospital that you were walking on a Michigan city lighthouse break wall when waves ten to fifteen feet high knock them into the water Hammons was able to swim back to the break wall. He threw a life ring into a in towards Harkleroad direction to try to save him. But the young man did not surface. Michigan city police. Michigan city, firefighters LaPorte county EMS and the US coastguard all tried to help save Harkleroad life. After hearing testimony from neighbors in a bitter zoning dispute, the family of a thirteen year old girl who uses a wheelchair will be allowed to add a garage to their historical town, home owners, Bill deacon and Lisa Dieleman bought a home built in eighteen ninety one in the eighteen hundred block of north Lincoln avenue, part of the old town triangle landmark district they had planned to add a two car attached garage to accommodate the needs of their daughter Ava who uses a wheelchair but their neighbors. Some of whom are members of the old town triangle association opposed the move saying street level garage could damage the historical integrity of the area and would violate the district's rules blocked club. Chicago reports the city's zoning board of appeals unanimously voted to approve the families plan they've Marcet NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM along time higher education leader has been named. Interim check. Chancellor at the university of Wisconsin, whitewater, Gerald green comes from Tennessee State university where she held the position as assistant vice president for student affairs, readers agreed to take over the post on January first she replaces Beverly copper resigned after her husband was banned from campus amid.

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