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Is here is new, book is the empire of necessity, slavery freedom and deception in the new world and I described this as Dima theology a. Brilliant, Melville short, story short a. Novella Benito cereno about a, slave. Uprising, at a masquerade that deceives a massive Dylan oh from. Duxbury Massachusetts, and professor. We were discussing a Mazda Dylan. Oh being not. Quite a success in all of his, adventures and he's he's tireless. The man works all the time he never sleeps he gets it from his his, family the della knows their adventurous but at, the same time we have to watch Melville has Melville's many years later although. They share some of the, same players the young attorney who becomes an important player in the slavery battle in Massachusetts when he's a young attorney he represents no in his law seeking When he wants to one when. He wants to seek compensation for his actions. The important actions, with, the trial, but Melville himself comes from a family I learned in an elaborate footnote, that you provide a family that has. A a shadow it's the shadow of, a slave revolt against the family, that Melville comes from and there were young people and a sixteen year old girl who. Was, hanged because, of, the slave. Revolt in Albany New York, does. That, does that weigh on Melville's opinion of what Delo debt. Well I, think in. Slavery in general I visited the. Question Melville didn't. Leave any diary entries or or correspondence, of what he was thinking. When he wrote Benito cereno and this is a debate among Belleville scholars about his, opinion of slavery slitting Melville was was was, a democrat and he believed in a master patient they believed in in in. In freedom for individuals he, was against chattel slavery as an instant But also he was with the San I think he was living through what the institution of, slavery was doing to the United. States and he was tortured by he. Felt I think he was at an impasse the impasse though is in that living in. Denial the wealth I read you correctly the wealth of New England has to, be presented as based upon slavery the number of slaves after seventeen seventy six was in excess of five million flowing to the age of? Liberty so there was nothing about liberty that stops slavery? In, fact it encouraged it did Melville, ingest that ingest that growing up and did he put it into Benito cereno yes and what he put into Benito cereno think. Is is is a sense of hopelessness he he had come to the. Conclusion that America face to choices and, the eighteen sixties had it could it, could it could fight against slavery and the inequity. That the sinful inequity that slavery was and Risk destroying the Republic the experiment in liberty that the United States. Was, either do revolution or through war through what through fragmentation or it could accept the fact. That that. That liberty. I can leave slavery in place and accept the fact that liberty for sun meant slavery Meant. Slavery for others and it? Was that pessimism I, think that.

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