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The? Main trick there. You know here. We could play characters in the race had nothing to do with it. We just focusing on are just so refreshing is kind of like someone who who's only been in the US and you've been in the US your whole time. Your identity is thought you'd think of yourself in how you you know you think of yourself. As Asian and other people look at you the first thing they think of you as Asian. Regardless of you've just came off the boat, or if you've been here for four generations like me, you right away, there's judgment but all of a sudden. If you go out and visit visit Asia all the sudden, that whole entity piece that has to do with your race is completely. Wiped out and you, and and your you're looked at is for who you are inside, not just your your quick one second. You know The judgment of who you are because of your color skin. Did, you happen to watch the recent NPR SERIAL PBS series. Asian Americans! I haven't but I. I, have it right online down. My do I heard it was amazing. Yeah, and and you know we got the privilege of time to the show runner in the senior producer Rene Tottenham opinion, but there's a there's a moment where Randall Park. WHO's made it big? He talks about. GROWING UP WATCHING Bonanza on television. And you know I did that and he says you know so I as a little kid as market. I'm watching this identifying as one of the Cartwright family. And it only later on that I realized that when I go out in public to your point Michael That especially White America is looking at me as hop. Sing with right like and it's like the step and fetch it of of the series except as the Chinese person with a Q. and he goes. That was so disturbing like like This is the one character who actually looks like me and my family, but it's the one character I don't identify with and yet when I go on public. They don't see me as one of the White Cartwright family. They see me as this. Asian Cooley. And I was like. Wow, that's that's so powerful. Sure, oh? Yeah, no doubt and that's an goes for that goes for basically. Anybody. Who Asian you? Regardless of if you were the you know. Was a big? Or you know or or type of character, or if you were a you know the father or one of the brothers. It doesn't matter. If you're Asian, you, would you? People densify top saying Yeah Yup. Yeah and I going back to your three daughters getting to I don't know how much they've seen you in on big and small screens yet, have they? They have and it's it's very. Is Very important in our household. You know so so one of my daughters is eleven and you know we are a little bit. Yacht will last two years ago is nine so a little bit young for crazy occasions, but when we would win crazier, Jason's came out. No doubt they I had them. Come with me to watch so to me, it's worth the there may be. It was a little bit out of their their age range of topic I felt so important for them to see. Themselves on screen and see their. You know their cousins and their brothers, and their parents and people like that onscreen as characters, a mainstream movie which is why you know a movie like that two years two years. Passes still so you know so influential and in what's happening today? Well as as a fellow Dad I. I also think it's got to be gratifying that when your daughters do see you playing different roles, their different roles like if all they saw you as playing like gangsters with the accent or something like that One I think their their appreciation for your your span or your your wheelhouse as an actor would be very truncated. And you know maybe even they. They g down only just plays bad guys. Is Dead, really bad. So I I just think that it's. It's gotTa be wonderful that you're starting to really get the roles that show off your chops. It's really been exciting. I've been really so fortunate to be able to have that and. I. Actually like playing bad guys. Because maybe my personality and real life is kind of the opposite of that. I, I really enjoy the characters that that are the bag, because I feel like it's so different from me, and I really have to I really hit the stretch to me kind of playing the. The. The D. Dad. Kinda rolls to me or to to close I. Don't feel like it's acting. It's too Too Simple so so I love those those characters that that stretch, and and it's Kinda to me. It's it's like the you know. It's like Halloween, every you know going to work and it's Halloween every day. It's the way I look at it. And my daughters. My daughters are are are very. They're very well aware of of media and and how? Asians were portrayed. How portrayed now and they? I'm very happy that the way they look at when they see things they they know they see it like A. Very well aware of of WHO's right. Who's telling the story? And and how a lot of times what you see on screen is really at the end of the day a story from. A producer or are a writer that's that's putting the story out, and it's not. It's only from one perspective. And so two. Not You know all of a sudden feel being thrown in Oh. Yeah, this is what is viewed as attractive. This is what movie is viewed as as as the mainstream. This is what's viewed as cool. You know They're very well aware of that, so I'm. Pretty proud of them well now. You said that you got the acting bug in I think second grade. have any of your daughter's been bitten by.

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