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I'm a high energy person like yourself and it's was extremely hard for me to relax. I thought you know. I don't deserve to relax too much on my plate. What would be the point of doing absolutely nothing. How would that help me today. I used to have all of these beliefs. And i was just such a workaholic and As i meditate. I had a very and still do to this day. Have a hard time sitting still. And so there's a customization available to everyone that. Give a lot of ideas the book and also you know with the executives give ideas as well the state chapter right alongside me. But just for example in that meditate spoke i betta tate. I lay in bed. Because i don't like sitting up with my eyes close cross-legged it just seems very uncomfortable and i lay in bed before i go to bed every night. And then the first thing and worrying. I just lay there for ten minutes and just listened to myself read. And that's my customization and by meditation friends thinks there is no way. I could possibly be meditating while doing that. And i tried to differ. you know. that's my customisation. I'm sticking to it okay. Well i would call call foul on them. Because the little that i know about meditation is that it has a lot to do with focusing on your breathing. Anson if you're listening to a self breathe there you go point taken. Yeah i'm gonna. You said nice so moving into the the spirit section of the wheel again. Let's do a quick summary. Here of what the spokes you know combined lead to yes and again. Nobody needs to take notes. You can just go to my website just to see this yourself. The first one is developed intuition. The second saver spirit-lifting hobbies many of your listeners and myself back then forgot all the hobbies that make us happy. Prioritize personal growth connect to a higher power craft self expression and last but not least create intimacy.

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