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In the L A times. And it's a it's an op, Ed. And the op, Ed. Says where's it? Whereas here this, congratulations. Senator Feinstein you've managed to make our politics even uglier. Now, it's from Jonah Goldberg, right? Jonah Goldberg is is a no never-trumper national review. But but a smart, dude, I do read them. I don't always agree. And I find his never Trump is annoying. Just get over it already. Talk policy stopped. We get it. He's not good enough for you. Great dunk date demand. That's fine. By me. But that they would run it. This this op Ed congratulations Senator Feinstein, you managed to make our politics even uglier I looked at that and said oh. That's an inclined donation to Kevin de Leon. Kevin de Leon is the president pro tem, the California state Senate and is running against Dianne Feinstein for Senate in California. It's not one from each party. It's the top two vote getters and the top two vote-getters in this case, both Democrats. That's why California's set it up this way, it keeps Republicans out of the conversation. They're amazed at John Cox Republican is able to run against Gavin Newsom for governor man's why Hoge avenue some losers. But the Leon so popular as a progressive that the California Democratic party refused to endorse Dianne Feinstein who's been in the Senate for nine hundred billion years, and I believe that this piece. Congratulations Senator Feinstein you've managed to make our politics, even uglier. I am the picture of her. She could not.

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