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Of the up next on the frame a trio of historic film and TV studios just heard one hundred KABC. PODCASTS are supported by Warner Brothers Presenting Joker From Academy Award Nominated Director Co writer and producer. Todd Phillips See Z.. Walking Phoenix's Golden Globe critics choice and screen actors guild winning performance. You're listening to the Oscar nominated score varieties Owen gleiberman named joker the best film film of Two Thousand Nineteen calling it a movie that can and will stand the test of time now nominated for Eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture Best Director and best actor for for your consideration. Welcome back to the frame. I'm John Horn when I love. Lucy hit the airwaves way. Back in the early nineteen fifties it. It was the first primetime comedy that was produced before a live studio audience on the West Coast. Now there's a bronze plaque that hangs outside the so called Lucie stage. It's at the sunset. Las Palmas Studio on Santa Monica Boulevard. Las Palmas is one of three lots that make up. What are now known as the sunset studios and they just marked their hundredth birthday and while the studios played a central role in Hollywood's past? They're also going to be a key player. In the industry's future. Once upon a time for brothers bought a piece of dusty farmland on sunset boulevard their last name was warner and the year was nineteen nineteen nineteen. The Brothers Warner built a studio and started making movies. But it wasn't long before they packed up and moved to Burbank and what they left behind were buildings and land that helped start a storytelling boom just from classic. TV hits like the Jeffersons and gunsmoke tomorrow modern fair like jeopardy and Judge Judy. There's only one person here that has attitude a tooth even Ktla's nightly newscasts alive be the first to know the big story as well as the film that would change the town forever. You're the one thousand nine hundred eighty seven movie. The jazz singer wait a minute. Wait a minute wait up on a silver screen Al Jolson saying with a black back face but perhaps even more surprising for the audience was not just what they saw but what they heard for for the first time in forever people watching a movie could listen to. This was Hollywood's first feature length talking film and it was shot at sunset studios. You could feel like the Hollywood gods are and the goddesses. Are there in spirit. That is writer. Norma peace over there and it's just a wonderful experience to get a little bit of an old with like this super-charged new reality. These days she comes to the lot at sunset studios to pitch projects to net flix. Who moved into their new shiny headquarters? Here just two years ago I feel like those turnstiles. The gate to the Creative Heaven Heaven. You know what I mean. It's like you're watching people going in and out and you're going to be one of those people in any second now going up you know to the to the port of creativity to Heaven and you might walk out of there you know what the huge smile on your face. You know that you sold something or you might be getting called back again or thanks but no thanks but still you've gotten your shot which is so cool as a little girl growing up here in southern California. She watched all the TV shows cartoons and and movies that came out of Sunset Studios. Those are the stories are passionate about those stories. I WanNa make when creative talent comes in. They know this history bill. Humphrey is senior vice. President President for sunset studios together the three lots sunset Bronson sunset gower and sunset. Las Palmas have thirty seven. Hi Tek sound stages on grounds on spending more than forty acres the sunset Bronson lot where I'm talking with Humphrey is marked by. KTLA's original nineteen twenty five radio tower proudly standing guard if you walk down the hall year. We're now in the mansion of the Old Warner Brothers headquarters which is now a part of our netflix complex. Down at the end you'll see these three circles in the Ceiling with which was the executive Jack Warner looney tunes bugs. Bunny coming through the three circles. He looked up. Because let's use that as a symbol looney tunes so that became the love at became the mansion. This was the original Warner Brothers headquarters and and Jack Warner's brother supposedly didn't like you so much so this is about of length of football field so they had on either end so they never interact together but he's still made movies also back then. They were the first company that bring radio to the West Coast continued innovations as Humphrey means keeping up with changing needs. That usually means plenty of space for people to work. Thinking can create. New Buildings have already gone up here for technicolor and Netflix and another creative tower is set to open next year. The goal is to bring different production departments closer oh so together to actual production facilities. I was called sort of the media tech intersection technology. People and media people in creative people all can work together toward this goal of creating great product for global distribution very rapidly but this fast factory model does have its critics. I'd prefer diverse media environment. Emerson College Professor Presser. Jane Shattuck is currently writing a book about net flicks. There is fear in global theory that we are turning out this American product. But it's only American aircon it's This kind of generalize global product That were you know. This kind of people can have a Nike apartment. You I know why the neighbor but in the end who are we to judge how these next hundred years should play out for sunset studios perhaps no one really should. That is unless you are appalled to enter the courtroom up Judge Judith. Shetland for the frame I'm Marcos no hitter it and before we sign off in case you missed it. The screen actors guild gave out awards a couple of nights ago the jokers Joaquin Phoenix one. One per male lead actor and Renee Zellweger took home the lead actress trophy for Judy. We've that's her portrayal of the great but troubled singer. Judy Garland both are expected to win. At are the front runners for the Academy Awards. And that'll do it for today. I'm John Horn. Thanks for listening. We're back here tomorrow at the Broadcast Center..

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