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When you need it on demand from Fox News and Amazon, Alexa Mitt a slew of sexual harassment allegations against a board member of the anti Trump Group. The Lincoln Project Co founder Steve Schmidt is now resigning. Six former employees of the Lincoln Project are calling on the group to waive nondisclosure agreements writing in a letter to The New York Times, they have information quote that would aid the press, public and our donors and answering questions relevant to the public interest. The Lincoln Projects leaders have long been fiercely critical of former President Trump's India's. This comes fresh on the heels of the scandal surrounding John Weaver, a co founder who's been Accused of sexually harassing young men. The AP reports that last June, the organization's leadership was informed of it least 10 allegations against Weaver, two of them claims involving employees. The last month when reports first surfaced. The Lincoln Project issued a statement insisting the organization was quote shocked Fox's Gillian Turner. Meanwhile, New Orleans annual Mardi Gras celebration is muted this year because of the Corona virus pandemic. The mayor has ordered bars too close during the Mardi Gras weekend that runs through Tuesday. The lavish parades are also canceled in the There are limits on gatherings. Louisiana has recorded a little over 9200 confirmed. Coronavirus deaths. The 16th highest in the U. S. Plus one California lawmaker is taking a drastic step to push schools to reopen during the Corona virus pandemic when the city of San Francisco decided to sue its own school district for keeping classroom shut down. The school district called the suit quote, frivolous and petty. But in filing the lawsuit, San Francisco City attorney Dennis Herrera included information that was anything but petty. Instead, it was alarming test. Moaning from San Francisco Bay area hospitals, doctors and parents about the emotional and mental toll of distance learning like depression, anger, apathy. One mom talked about the quote, uncontrollable meltdowns of her seven year old son. Another found her 15 year old daughter. Quote curled up in a fetal position, crying next to her laptop and 11 o'clock in the morning. That's Fox's trace. Gallagher. Mary Course study and this is Fox News..

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