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Hey just a steel town girl saturday night so on top of things that's on top of things they are being valvoline motor oil because Chained doing oil change on one of the cars and got all the different weights. Got all the different reviews ended up making the purchase. They give you the best price. It's it's just better it's bang. It's another decision. Made thanks to bring the decision. Engine all right. Gina grad You got the news share deal not quite yet but it's coming to make sure everyone's queued up I wanna thank everybody. I got nice email from my editor today and She said hey. Good news We moved up a few notches. On the new york times bestseller lists you usually sort of slough off and then that's the way it works almost like when a movie comes out maybe start off it number one or number two and then as the weeks where on you drop down and eventually drop out of the top ten We were number eight. And then we're like number eighteen and then we're like number thirty one and then we popped up to like twenty eight which doesn't sound like any big whoop but we didn't go down. We went up so when all the New books came out on tuesday. Normally you move over a little bit when the new books come out. We're actually going up and that's a thanks to all you people but in my never ending. I would like my next book to be called. I never thought adults would be this stupid. I got this thing and and please help me out here. Because people say when i make sort of simple requests there have simple ideas or things that would fall under the heading of no shit or no duh of course or sure anyone who did this for a living with think of that sort of thing. Of course anyone over twenty five with two fucking brain cells to rub together with come to this people say to me a lot. They go adam. You're smart and people. Don't think like you do and i go. I'm not that smart. I'm really not in what i'm thank you. Wait a minute. And what i'm suggesting is not very smart. It falls under the no shit. Not the will your super bright. I have ideas. That are good ideas. And i'll tell you when they're when i think of them. Oh yes i shall. But this wasn't one of them. So i got a thing back for my editor and she said Hey good news. You know the books doing good and it's having a second life in. It's still going strong. And they've decided to Get some new money together and do a new ad campaign and the they have a new thing and we want to show you the ad campaign and it's an online thing and it's a picture mean picture of the cover the book and couple lines about the book and then it goes to sort of online thing and i thought that's flattering. That's nice. they've they've got a few few ducats in. They're throwing it behind the book and it's hard to tough business to book business. It's hard to get them behind you in your book and Especially hard to get them to sort of repledged. They did it the first time a month ago but they've decided to sort of repledged themselves and i i thank them for it but as i was looking at this thing this picture of me on the cover of my book and a couple of words underneath it i saw and then i saw the email the next day saying well. We're going out with this. And i sort of thought about it and i thought wait a minute. Shouldn't it have one of those little stickers that says new york times bestseller like i see on every single book. That's on the new york times bestseller thing that little gold star. They put on the thing. That seal of approval. Yeah it's kind of like when our movie came out and we got two thumbs up from at the movies. And i said don't you want to put two thumbs up on there and they're like i dunno you. Think so well seeings how every other fucking movie on the planet. That's lucky enough to get two thumbs up from cisco and whoever do it and it wasn't cisco but the point is was roper and whoever but the point is yes. I'd say i mean. Listen if i won a gold medal in the winter olympics i put gold medal winning or billet surprise. Or you know. I ain't bragging but i'm just saying state in fact i'll ask you this. How many movies they get two thumbs up at the movies Make no mention of it on the cover. The dvd cover. Is there any none none. As a matter of fact. I'll take a step further when they get one thumbs up one thumbs up. They go thumbs up at the movie they do. There's a way of sort of describing it that makes it seem like you got two thumbs up when you didn't hubert alone gives them thumbs up. He just says thumbs up to this movie so it is thumbs up. So it's a solitaire. You take a look at the hammer. Dvd jacket which came out. You know four months after we got the two thumbs up at the movies. I don't think there's anything on there about getting two thumbs up at the understated arguably the biggest most prestigious review show ever. But now not not gonna do that. So that was my crazy idea. So i wrote back to the editor. Which one of those gold stickers it says new york times bestseller list so this new audience you're trying to market it to you can go. Oh well maybe there's something here and she wrote me back good catch. We'll see if we can get it in that we've already. We've already released it but maybe for the next round but she literally said hey nice grab are they gonna make you buy all the books back like oh synchrony stickers no just for the ad and i just start why am i thinking first off and i love my editor. She sweet and she's good at her job except for this part of it and it's not even her job. It's the pr department but when you have a first off. Here's what i want to scream. Everyone i want to get on top of a mountain with bullhorn. But one. Dr seuss withdraw and yell. What you do for a living. This cannot be at this. There's no way this isn't march into the crown random house. Pr department ago police. Tell me what you do. Please tell me please tell me. You're you're a shiite muslim sleeper cell. There something your work your reporting type. Al qaeda's there's something going on. There's no way you do this if you have a new york times bestseller. Don't you almost did that. The first fucking thing you put on there when you're doing any kind of advertising are like i said whatever it is you did if you wanna if you won a super bowl or got a medal of any kind and again. We live in a society.

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