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Leadership means firmness not harshness or bullying understanding not weakness justice erase the freedom humaneness not intolerance generosity not selfishness pride. Not Egotism so little quote for you kick things off. This is coming very I ran across it the other day and as I ran across it I saw some of little bit of the dichotomy leadership in there and it just caught my attention. And it's a quote General Omar Bradley General with a good amount of name recognition but a general who kind of flew under the radar sometimes because he was competing with some some big names. You know he's competing with General Patton. He's compete with General Eisenhower. He's competing with General Montgomery so he kind of flew under the radar sometimes even though he does have the Bradley fighting vehicle named after him which is a awesome machine but he absolutely was a well regarded general in his own right born in eighteen. Ninety three in Randolph County Missouri worked as a boilermaker figured out he could get a free education by going to west point so he went to West Point graduated in Nineteen fifteen same years. Eisenhower by the way he was a really good athlete. Baseball Star could've played pro ball but chose to be in. The army chose to go and do his commitment to the army. One thousand nine hundred fifteen. You're probably thinking World War. One W W well. He actually didn't go to World War One and World War One. There were mining disputes in the unions in the in the minds up in Montana and they had to activate some army units to send them up there to guard the minds. And that's what he did. He did that for a little while. And then he did go to unit that was getting ready to deploy to World War One. The Spanish flu came which everyone seems to know about the Spanish flu. Now and there then there was the armistice and he didn't deploy so he didn't get any combat action in World War. One thought that that might hurt his career but he stayed in anyways ended up teaching tactics at the infantry school fast forward through the peace years may general in one thousand nine hundred forty two assigned the eighty second division the Twenty Eighth National Guard division eventually worked under General Patton as the deputy in charge of Second Corps and then took it over himself led the campaigns in Tunisia and Sicily. Ike Eisenhower selected Bradley to command the First Army during Operation Overlord D Day Command. He commanded the most troops of any general. Us General in history when he took command of the twelfth on weaker. One point three million troops to little decentralized command. Better come into play right there. Continue with all those troops to push through Europe until the fall Germany. We covered Ernie. Pyle on this podcast. Podcast number thirty nine. His book brave men. It was the heavies for my favor. Lines Ernie pyle nicknamed him the G. I. General because he was kind of a laid back down to Earth Guy didn't make a spectacle of himself. After the war he ran the VA for a while. The Veterans Administration I ever chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During the Korean War retired in nineteen fifty-three after thirty eight years of service I found day. The Internet is amazing. I found any evaluation. You know we talk about the evaluations evaluation in the Marine Corps evaluation the navy evaluation. I found an evaluation of Bradley written by General Patent. Pretty cool because it shows it shows what type of a person patent was just in the way he wrote this thing so it says subject efficiency report through commanding general NATO USA APO five thirty four to add adjutant General War Department Washington DC name and grade of General Officer reported on Omar F Bradley Lieutenant General Period covered one July nineteen forty three to eight September nineteen forty two months in eight days duties performed commanding general to core one July nineteen forty three to eight September nineteen something unclear manner of performance superior F- Physical Activity Superior Physical Endurance Superior Knowledge of his profession superior for what command or duty would you specifically recommend him and army and then what opportunities have you had for observing him during period covered intimate daily contact. Does he rendered a willing and generous support to plans of superiors regardless of personal views. In the matter yes which is a very interesting topic to cover mean you think about what they've got in their physical duty not knowledge of his profession. What job would you recommend? Does he give generous supports to plans of superiors regardless of his personal views. No matter so this guy's going to back you up. The answer is yes and ten of all general officers of his grade. Personally known to you. What number would you give him on this list? And how many comprise your list and patterns answer is number one. I know all of them. Further remarks deemed necessary. None signed G. S. junior lieutenant general. Us Army commanded. So that's pretty awesome review. The interesting thing is if you know anything about the history of Bradley and Patton. There's some interesting dynamics. They first of all had very different personalities. Patent was you know flashy and go ego driven in a lot of ways and and Bradley was not and there's some quotes I pulled from patents journal Journals About Bradley. So it's interesting that he can have these right in that glowing like evaluation about him to try and get him promoted but at the same time here are some things he said about him. Bradley's to Conservative. He wants to wait until we can all jump into the fight together. By which time half our men will be. We'll have the flu trench foot. I wish he had a little more daring. Another one. Bradley is a good offer. Buddy utterly lacks it too bad. The IT Factor Echo Charles. Next one brag is a man of great mediocrity on the other hand. He has many attributes which are considered desirable. In general. He wears glasses which I have no idea I have no idea why. That's cool to be a general glasses. He has a strong jaw. He talks profoundly and says little and he is a shooting companion of our present chief of Staff. General Marshall also. He is a loyal man. I consider him to be among our better generals

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