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It's technology changes of the freedom. Experience was was really great and then deeper into the business i would say an experience that i loved has the experience of success the first hundred really crush it with a client or end they just they. They just wanna be with you. They were out of ah. I added that your client is just a really crazy. Yes i shed is yeah. Absolutely it's absolutely amazing. So if does your bed to go back. When is the time you just stop in business yoga different. I try to slap myself. A couple couple times all roy the first thing that i would probably push or sirri and listen to more of the right stuff. It's interesting. It's an interesting balance of over reading taking too much station and not giving yourself <unk> a data break but i would i would read more of the right stuff and i was handed a was handed out they can grow rich at twenty three years old by napoleon hill and how to win friends and influence people and when you're twenty three you're like heaven of friends i could influence people and i had a college like no. I just wasted on studying neural. I don't wanna read anything and you know. It's just being patient in in reading more one thing that i know that i did not do had some major mistakes real estate estate. Another world into my business is having that advisory board of mentors mentors in your business the different life categories of your life. I break my life. If categories out until eleven different areas you know from from character to spiritual to note to financial but having mentors that can help guide you all the way through so stay away from making poor decisions and you stay motivated when i say advisory board people were very successful you know are out there and if you just reach out to them humbly we will help you jump on living. You're owning and <hes> you know having that and then they don't have to be alive. They could be dead so keeping those like what would uh-huh sigmund freud do what would this. What would what would albert einstein you what would henry david theroux or benjamin franklin and you start reflecting upon their characters they actually make their decisions of those two. Things are probably the most important <unk> final piece that would be i got this actually from my girlfriend ally would if you just living in the moment and really enjoying the ride of whatever you're doing <hes> and not folksy too much in the future and the past skirt enjoying the because i was a little too focused on getting getting their their forget that you're here and i and lucy things <hes> i would love to just grab my cheeks of my younger so if it really crooks tests that to to thank your <unk>. Yes get you a person that has an impact packed on you as an entrepreneur. All may be somebody who do amateur if you speaking of mentors sure sure i would say if i had to choose shoes some people that have influenced me in my life. The first thing would end sounds kind of cliche but mostly my mother unfortunately wall street cancer. I'm tony. I appreciate that but you know she's a strong italian irish woman but i'm not even close to a pushover robbing the opposite side but she showed me how to stand my grounds rounds. Okay always be winners. Carry yourself properly so she's already whether biggest influencers very thoughtful woman you know even if she wasn't always verbally you know she's thinking about oh. This can't trip this that and she always did something original and listen to you always had had some type of some type of a surprise for you. That was so awful <unk> attached to your own d._n._a. You always remember it so well. I would say her more on the business side to say the first person that said something that i reflect on on time and i still remember being his room. He was making three hundred thousand dollars a month. I was twenty four and his name is bob safer and <hes> and he said he got us all the odor guy his army guy and he's like you gotta season to season so i thought about the there's i think about it every year and it's really really seeing your vision and senior plan in that always sits with a and then finally on the health side mark hyman has the ultimate solution in today toxin dachshund will prove these guys are bio hackers and they're all out health <unk>. They've been highly influential about what i put in my body and understanding it gives me the energy to run my business at a monster. You know it's okay. Thank you very much of this chain. Yes let's look at another site. Imagine some can happen of course lied. Fe it sometimes full of surprises if you business collapses today what oh you do good question. If there's just happened to collapse i had to start over again. You're asking what will you do if you stopped at some some france or maybe you stop the same business disarm some different options either. Now i tell you what i do i would i would think about what really really makes me happy. What would i do for free and the answer to that. Is we start some type of body brain business center just olev complete human coaching with with with a fitness center. Not only lets people go in and do what they wanna do but also kind of know nurture the brain nurture the body and then also obviously have it connected to some type of of business coaching in. I don't think i'd exist right now. So i probably do something along the lines of of that gas scandal-tainted dancing song by not should actually i think a and if you had to start at door what would you do if you have knock a certainly. That's a that's. That's our question right. Gotta make money and i wasn't banking for fifteen years so you can get had access to capital so the first thing you familiarize yourself how to gain capital from you know hedge funds right at you know to a traditional ways is it you can you can do that and then there's always barring friends and barely right but really <hes> when it comes to what we do have a clear plan to do that. I kind of look around for strategic strategic partners and influencers with beautiful about the internet now is that you can act search or blog search or clout or a buzz sumo and it'll fool up and tell you who the most influential people aren't who have the most followers and and and again. You can really get a clear plan. Once you have a clear pan then you can catch with passion jr anybody who wants to end. They're gonna buy you <hes> so that would be my little game plan by if if i had to start over against ah yes let's say i think it's up to the danjabbo. I think yes absolutely so now i would like to keep may be some advice for the young entrepreneur. Sometimes people think that own businesses difficult and it's difficult to start. It's always ends and feeders. Selects is by the people believe it's you know i think <hes> you know. I think the first thing is most people don't really understand. I'm the type of business that they wanna run and i'm not talking about l._l._c.'s escorts and all that fun stuff your accountants and handle that you know what i'm talking about. What type of business do you want. You want a lifestyle business or do you want to scale your business you know what kind of do you want to be in it all the time. Go what what do you want to do with your business and in sometimes that in in thinking about what makes you happy. <hes> you know is is important. I starting a business for the sake of starting business a mistake as a mistake because you wanna be a quote unquote business owner. 'cause you're gonna get you pretty quick. So that's the first thing the other thing is. Most people don't seek advice early on and the funny part of this. This is a big. It's expensive. I need to buy a franchise. I gotta do this any three. Hundred thousand dollars in the reality is in a in a actually in process of writing a book about this or maybe you book it depends on the time that i have not ever but it really you could start a business with so much free technology funny..

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