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It also matters was like. Hey you know. Put some makeup on slop. Some slaps a makeup I mean. That's that's the that's what they're there for managed to tell you the charts I like him. Because he's legitimately angry. Yes and by the way. Keep IN MIND Steve. If mentors was six three none of this would have happened. Yes parts could. Steve is tall to That could be if you were talking. Meneses reality three eight. That's sure he's like a little bit over five. All right yeah. Let's say he's five to Steve. Were five two mentors were six. I'll tell you. Steve six three Taller than you give me a number six. What about the fucking carnival? Six three guess again for six four toys six. We told them that six four six three not even close initially way. One Seventy two seventy three. Now we don't have a number I wanNA hear about my. Dm's we call it. The first time the random number she might have instagram. Did or something now. So she's not happy. This I mean these people man this is this drives me nuts. You'll get like I don't know those shows should not have the same people on every week. The shouldn't oh you don't know their mainstay. They're GONNA have their host sure but I mean mixed up a little bit. No near the problem is we may run out of ladies. You Know No. I don't think so the minute ladies chat is the threat is bump on. I will say I don't know if you've ever looked at if you compared to the OJ. Fan Not not jumped in the middle. Eighties are so earnest and sincere. And they're talking about the concerns that women have and then you look over to the thirds microbusinesses. This different world. I I let them have their world Wow Okay so we have that. That's that'd be discussed tonight I will say Groupie was I would say played. Some of the role of objectification. A little bit was naked between Steve and TJ. Well people needed content. I agree listen to this traffic. Look she's comfortable with that. We're not judge here sure motorcycle. It sure was Christ. Turn the colony right. So that's tonight's writer. No No. That's Thursday. What's tonight anything tonight? Moe shows in our show this show Show Jesus Christ. At least one hundred human offense was last spoke to professionally said. You probably shouldn't do long show here. We are so what? What's tomorrow's that and the interns yes? Winter in the will also be doing the Colin show. Maybe during the day but I'm also doing trash talk with him. H being put it up Friday morning just because for the first time you didn't hear I did announced he was on shouting from Pennsylvania. Jesus A lot of people want the reunion of image. Be IN DC. Yes I think I mean. Like twelve people in twitter but yeah but So and so it makes me works long hours so I luckily enabled US sometimes record with him later. I don't know DC. That's good so you guys are so all right so you're backed okay good In the Will Latino Kirk experience going I think it was. I think they've got some video but it was a good experience for per. Nora I think Panera is skyrocketing in the it seems like slow Panera very interested in having the show yeah and willing to do what name EPA day for me. Yes another on the street after Kirkman Hand Day on Wall Street though. I'd like a day industry. Well we didn't exactly send our best days and streets and ours. They're doing Statue for Baker Mayfield. You hear about that that's interesting. Yeah what they're putting a setup for him saying Johnny boy were. They both get a high-grade they did. Yes okay. The place was nice to stay at the place they stayed out was just some hotel but the play some on the port. The venue very nice really a very nice zinc lovely weather this time of year. We're not GONNA win another that's true Okay it's yeah we'll see all right so that and then Anything else before the remote for the rest of the week or not buying t-shirts Kirkman Halo Dot Com shirts proceeds go to the Jed Foundation. Good and then Mike is just kristen Saturday. I well As you told me to reexamine this hammock is my home and I might have. I've tried to work with a big cat to get some barstool people on for me to interview but I don't know how that's going so we'll see okay. Well thanks to big cat. Fur is that was actually watching cigarettes very very good. People love a little look at the building which they probably won't get much Dana coming up. Yes our Guy Stephen Shave with a comeback. He's made them in the fan world. Good so we will be back Monday. I believe If not we'll let you know but I'm pretty sure back Monday. Thanks to Milton's of course are great friends. at Milton and I think we back My spins back for five shows next week. Oh so crazy to do nice full week associates of contact the advertisers and let them know as a right now. Full sail ahead. That's my plan for next week. That works with you guys. Full sail ahead speeds. Dvd met full sail sailing lawn and steam with a fuck. If you've heard about it..

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