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Well carlo schools now have less than a year or remove american indian mascots. And if they don't it's going to be expensive but the fact that they're going to have to is going to be expensive as well as well. this story here. The greeley tribune talking about this. This is something we knew was coming down the pipelines but they now have eleven months to remove them or face a monthly monthly fine of twenty five thousand dollars that means changing uniforms signs paintings and hallways and even jim floors win. Democratic governor jared bowls signed Steve bill One sixteen hurt with a litter of concern about the short span and cost the school district which can run hundreds of thousands of dollars and yeah. That is such a quick turnaround. So now you're going to get a lot of people especially the way that construction is backed up and supplies or backed up. You could have the possibility of having people be in the process of changing it. Not get it done in the eleven months and they're going to have to pay the twenty five thousand dollar fine on top of the On top of the actual cost of the renovations to get it done to get the change. That's not right that shouldn't be happening Backers of the law say not only. Is it the right thing to do. American indians in colorado say many of the mascots turn their identities into caricatures but the districts also have known. This was a long time coming. Schools with these mascots could save making a change if they had an agreement with a federally recognized tribe by june thirtieth or they can apply for state building excellent schools today grant to help with costs though the process is competitive and the grants likely wouldn't be issued in time and we've got i mean this is gonna affect Schools here in northern colorado right. We've seen loveland The loveland indians changed their mascot The eaten fighting reds. What will they turn into And do they need to do. They need to be that the eaten fighting reds is that is that a derogatory term. Loveline indians is that a derogatory term. Now i can have that conversation about the lamar savages right. I mean i could have that conversation. Not sane which way i i would agree with it but i'm willing to listen on that one these other ones i don't see it as a as a caricature at all in fact the in fighting reds and especially with how much they win right but this is just another step in removing the quote unquote offensive stuff and it's removing part of our history. Is it a good part of history. No it's not anybody who says that it is is wrong but is that what we should be doing. Should we be removing the bad parts of our history. I had i had a history teacher in high school that that said if we don't learn from history it's bound to repeat itself right and that's the truth if we don't learn from what didn't work if we don't learn from our failures are mistakes. Then they're bound to repeat them were bound repeated. I don't like this. I don't like the fact that they're taking it away. The national congress of american indians has been asking for mascot changes for more than thirty years said democratic state representative. Adrian been vitas of commerce city. One of the sponsors of the new law the car legislature has also tried to pass the bill in years past but finally getting it done this year car to started its own assessment amid national discussions about the use of derogatory native american mascots and twenty sixteen state commission recommended schools should eliminate all native american mascots because of the misrepresentation and stereotypes they perpetrate perpetrate. Unless a school came to an agreement with federally recognized tribe strasbourg and arapahoe. High schools currently have agreement so the strasbourg idiots will not be changing. So why is it because okay they so they reach an agreement with one tribe in there. Okay does the fact that dave reached an agreement with one tribe make it less offensive. The loved one day needs just because they didn't reach an agreement with a try. Then that that indian that mascot is offensive but strasbourg. Oh they're fine. It goes back to some common sense and it seems to be lacking with this one The districts initial estimate for changing both mascots. We're talking about montrose highschool. The indians The district's initial estimate for changing both mascots is a combined five hundred thousand dollars to seven hundred fifty thousand dollars Though that could change mantra school district spokesman matt jenkins that would include everything from paint on the gym walls. Two scoreboards to school apparel. Well it's all going to have to happen. It's all going to have to happen because you can't have the old apparel. You can have that still there. Jacobs said the school schools have a good relationship with local tribes and try to respectful in the mascots us. There isn't one painted on the high school gym floor. But they don't have a formal agreement. The district plans to do whatever it needs to conform to the law. Yeah because twenty. Five thousand a month is is egregious Before we get an hour number two to Say thanks desert petting her clearly real estate. They real estate market is still just insane right now. Don't try and tackle this by yourself. Make sure you're talking Talking to people in desert who knows exactly what she's doing and you can let her know you heard about right here on noko now coming up our number two. We've got a couple of special guests joining us at ten. Oh five but we're gonna make on the program coming up in just a couple of minutes chris. What as well. We'll get to more of your tax up on the talk of grill text line and We'll get to the comments to. What were your thoughts. Did the live up to your expectation this year. 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