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Pass them, then there'd be a boom in capital spending this year. In fact, we provided estimates at the time last fall, they said the capital spending. This year would go up about eleven percent because of the tax cuts. So far in the first half of the year capital spending is a ten percent. So you don't have to really reach fire for theory of what happened President Trump deregulated the economy. We've talked about how that affects growth the tax cuts have had exactly the predicted effect on the economy. That's brought businesses back to the US factories back to the US and created jobs for ordinary Americans. It's cleared the data that there's been a trend break. President Trump tweeting the GDP rate is higher than the unemployment rate for the first time in over one hundred years now has said the correct numbers actually just ten years. But actually number show. The correct number is twelve years. Economists acknowledged that growth has exceleron this year and most of most of them partly credit last year's tax cuts for fueling the more spending. The Pentagon says the State Department's approved the possible sale up the nine early warning aircraft to Japan for about three point one billion dollars. The department says Japan will use the navy's e to DA advanced Hawkeye aircraft to get greater. Awareness of activities in the air and see in the Pacific on the price includes aircraft support system, spare parts Northop Grumman corporation aerospace systems in millburn, Florida will be the main contractor the State Department says that the aircraft is critical to help Japan a staunch ally of the US help Japan developed a strong self defense. Now, the resignation of longtime CBS chief les Moonves says won't likely lead to drastic changes in network programs, but it could make the company ripe for a takeover as traditional media companies compete with upstart such as Netflix Amazon Moonves was ousted Sunday after more sexual misconduct allegations against him. CBS me malls on the hook for one hundred twenty million in severance. If it's outside investigation finds no evidence of wrongdoing which loon vez has denied any wrongdoing. CBS also shook up its board and settled a larger fight with its parent company. National amusements as part of the settlement national amusements agreed not to push for a merger between CBS. Sibling company Viacom for at least two years Moonves has had opposed that merger on grounds that CBS was doing well, while Viacom wasn't California governor Jerry Brown says he hopes the law. He signed moving California toward eliminating fossil fuels for electricity will serve as a model for other state and national governments Brown is hosting a summit in San Francisco starting Wednesday that he hopes will wake up national leaders on the need for on the need to confront climate change that wakeup national leaders a quote from governor Brown, California is committed to doing whatever is necessary to me the existential threat of climate change. And yes, it is an existential threat. No matter what the naysayers may say, it is a real present danger to California the people in the world, but you have to begin you have to get something done. California's been doing stuff that the rest of the world. Most of the world is just a hoping they might get. Some day the investments needed across broad sectors, the industrial sector transportation commercial residential buildings agriculture, and ultimately sequestration of carbon and efficient and low cost battery technology we have to do all of that. But we have to at least have the goal. We have to know where we are. And where we're going in California is uniquely in that position. So let's get the Bill out. Get. Not everybody's happy with governor Brown's Bill. There that sets the goal of phasing out fossil fuels by twenty forty five. Environmentalists are upset. It doesn't affect in state oil and gas drilling and some business groups eight sets impossible targets and could increase electric bills. Speaking of California, authorities have indicted, thirty two members of purported speed gangs on charges of stealing more than a million dollars using what they call an unusually sophisticated credit card fraud instead of a more typical strong armed robbery. Attorney general heavier Sarah and police chiefs from three cities announced the indictment Monday against alleged members of the bully boys and the cocoa boy street gangs, east of San Francisco. Authorities say the gangs defrauded hundreds of victims.

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