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No some no oh oh the and the ross britain for scotch shannon run did on cbs effort we have run for your lives and it's it's one of those mornings ladies and gentlemen it is good of the cold today where only gonna hit a high of nineteen today is going to be down to thirteen tonight so it's definitely one of those days where you should be put non all your sweaters paul your jackets all of the hats all right the latter birthday today and some good ones to john legend turns thirty nine one of my favorites okay surf meyer's late night host and former sarid night wicket update anchor is 44 love hand happy birthday to him also denzel washington denzel and i heard that he's actually coming to broadway next april the out there's new prediction o production of eugene o'neill drama the iceman comment than he is going to be starring in that yeah and i since i live in philly i know dense brother ueki braley yeah who does the news for cbs yeah well can you like fuck us up with some dinner with denzel not going to happen now sure joe men who probably his best known as sophie of our guards husband i like that i like that that's how he is now he's known as being someone's has now can i tell you are a miller saveta birthday today you've seen in layer cake and alfi and she was with brad pitt backstage at glastonbury non now a single man single woman also maggie smith who is one of my wife's favor she's on downton abbey and plays the dowager come cowardice of grantham and letters and she is kicking she's is still got 83 she looks great looks great michelle nichols from star trek eighty five gayle king from cbs this morning is 63 david archer letter love him american idle that's right season seven runnerup the 27 years old today edgar winner 71 stanley 94 and canadian brewer john molson who was originally imported from england was born two hundred fifty four years go today we could celebrate molson too all right all right let's get over and the checkin.

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