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When it comes to choosing Jordan or Haji rice, but I'm going to go with hydro right. I'm sorry from Jordan beatbox. Yeah, when you talk about P fuck to me, I'm curious about the role. Like he's probably not going to end up as a starter, right? Just based on the goals based on some of the kind of physicality that you mentioned, maybe late in the game, you're thumping balls into the box. What is he? 6 foot three. It's a better target. So I see him as a super sub. Are you with me there that he's probably the guy coming off the bed? He proved it against Honduras in the semifinal of the nation's league scoring that game winner sending him to the final versus Mexico. He came on as a sub at the azteca. He had a golden opportunity. I know he missed it, but he was there. You have to assume he's going to make a lot more of those than he misses. It's just a player that I think offers a little bit more versatility. Okay, so P fuck is the super sub potentially. And then between sergeant and feda for who you started. All right, let's get to the tough part of this, who you left off the team. You've told us a little bit about Haji Wright. Let's talk about Ricardo peppy, then let's start with him here because this is a guy who back in October was the no doubt number one scoring goals and qualifiers and here we are what 70 days from November 9th, when we find out we're going to get the roster in New York City and you're telling me he's not on it. Yeah. And talk about a decision that probably blows up in your face. Do you leave to the Bundesliga? Absolutely. If you have the opportunity because it's going to fast forward your career accelerate your career if you will, more than Major League Soccer will, but this is definitely a move that's not panned out the way that any of us thought the way that Ricardo peppy himself thought for sure because he came on this very program and told us what he expected and I'm sure coming off the bench or not

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