The Second Plague: Murder Hornets

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Welcome to you. Did what now a podcast where we discussed stories in science and tech that. Make us ask exactly that everyone. Thanks for listening on your host. Stephanie Educator Aficionado and Michael Programmer took a good afternoon. Stephanie how are you? I'm fine and we are surviving? How about you the same happy Cinco de Mayo? Time are listening listening to this. It's probably probably already celebrity. Cinco de Mayo having a Margarita. Anyway he's actually what else you got today. How many people are making tacos tonight for dinner? We taco Tuesday in single tomorrow. This is the thing right. Everybody's Yeah I don't do. I've talked to us. I should make tacos anyway. So lots lots going on in the world. I guess I I saw this recent start like before we we hit record. I noticed the story of the tweeted through the Times which all the coronavirus stuff is supposedly ray me seventeen clicks to get logged in. And let's see a but the title is with Crisper a possible quick test for the virus it looks like they're using crisper to test for for carnivores for covert ninety. I noticed something about that. I was looking into that and Yeah I think there's a lot of different applications for using crisper. You can test for different. Antibodies are you. Can you can engineer a a a gene. That will basically glow under simplify. It'll basically glow if it recognizes the One of the antibodies from Corona virus. And so it could be a really simple way to get that test out there and have it be more accurate than maybe what they're dealing with. Now Sarel yes that's exciting. Everybody's YEAH SPURT UP CASPER AT RYAN. Exactly the kind of a bad rap for all of the different weird types of things that is trying to do but it could prove to be very useful in the coming months ahead. Yeah this was. His name was Zang. I guess he's He's at the broad institute in Cambridge Massachusetts. And he's apparently one of the pioneers of crisper technology or whatever he said it up with a pregnancy test and they got like a little violent stuff. You make something. Put The little drop in and reacts and then you dip the paper in two two lines means you you have in nineteen or or. Don't get the two tests confused. Rather what would you rather have at this moment? Which you find out that that your wife is pregnant or that. She has corona virus. Not Sure Enough I. Let's let her have. She's actually having grown admires test in like an hour. Oh okay well. I hope she doesn't have any sentence now. She just works. Used US going to the office in a lab. So they're just they've they've gotten some tests so they're just gonNA have everybody take a test every once in a while acting so. Yeah so what else are we talking about? No more carnivorous onboard board occurred something else out there in the world. There's a the world is fine. No you know as Americans. We always it. Seems like we always have to have something to panic about. If you you look back in the past year comes in a cycle of about every every couple of months. There's a new thing that we must immediately panic about and shut down everything and of course you know in Corona virus head and we really did have to everything and so now America's kind of getting tired of that so Let's move on. Let's introduce a new I something else about Introduce the murder Hornets from Asia. Great Murder Hormone that. Just this is what third play the fourth leg. I'm not up on my Bible. Yeah I know that's kind of what I was thinking. At what point do I need to let lambs above my above my doorway to prevent my starter? I got a robust Saturday. It will repel mortar murder Hornets. I'm sure yeah. So why is everybody concerned about the murder Hornets? Is it really a big deal? Is this just something else that you know. The media is pushing us to distract us from whatever else is really happening. Should we concerns? So what have you heard about murder Hornets? So far I honestly. I've tried not to read it up hundred Hornets. Because I wasn't really looking for more in my life I'm spending so much more time outside now from omb and like normally all you'll be going trip or visit grandparents or we you know indoor soccer whatever it is. We're doing now slow. Go play in the backyard so the kids get actually retired for bedtime. So you're telling me there's more murder Hornets there. Yeah I'm sorry to burst your bubble but now now we've gotta worry about the Asian Murder Hornets so don't get too Scared about it yet. As of right now they're reported sightings are all the way on the other side of year and We started in in Vancouver and now in Washington. There was a beef farmer. He had a nest and back in November. He went to check on his honeybees and discovered that his entire very healthy beehive with completely destroyed. They were healthy the day before then. He went to go check on the next day and basically he started looking at them and all of their little beheads were cut off his head on Teamer Hornets too. Yeah they are murder. Hornets necessarily because they murder humans. All this is this is violence. I don't need to worry about right. Yes well you know you definitely would not enjoy getting stung by a to inch long Hornets. That is not something that you want to have happen to you. Although scientists from the nineteen th century right. I'm not just out there leading. Bees and spiders stigma right. I guarantee you. Some people are out there trying to test it. I think there's a guy on on youtube somewhere. That has already films himself. Getting stung by a murder Hornet. Just see what would happen surprise. It hurts jackass movie this year. Isn't there Jack Ass movie coming out this year? This isn't this isn't related to that right now it might be. It could be a completely. You know publicity stunt for there are no hornets. That's just the jackass movie. Yeah they're murder. Hornets not necessarily because they murder humans but because they murder other bees and so they can take out an entire hive of bees. In just a few hours they They go in and they. Yeah they basically decapitate all of the bees and take over their nest as do they parade around them ca carrying their heads and spikes put them a little little Little twigs and stuff outside of the. Yeah Yeah so they're pretty. They're pretty deadly. Each Hornet can kill one. Be in every fourteen seconds using its powerful. Amanda Bowles to decapitate decapitated its prey. Oh and I guess so. Those beer are these are we. Arming these BS. How we find him back. How are we protecting the goodies for Hornets are pollinating? Hornets are not pollinating. So yeah this is. This could potentially be a really big problem. This is more more concerning than actually getting stung by the B. Is what effect will it have on the honeybees here in the United States who are already struggling to pollinate all of the things that we need? Pollinated your I already. We already had anxiety about the honeybees. We don't even more right. Yeah so yeah. So what are we gonNA do about these honeybees Years so you know there it. These these murder Hornets come from Japan. And so the problem is that whenever you have an invasive species come from one ecosystem into another ecosystem it's not bringing necessarily its natural predators with it

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