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With dennis rodman choose with be real from cyprus hill she what she would dave navarro too yeah i know well she started with puts though she was a rapper oh yeah dave navarro's one of those guys who i can administer guys a goodlooking guy i can also admitted as a guy that he's a disgusting guy does that make any sense at all like he just he loses gross missed to me yeah i think he's just got that whole guitar player vied that works really really well for me he's got the you know the piercings and the i think there's like a little do the right is he is like a miniature mia labour are small little pocket del good that makes me very happy why do i thought he had everything now if you shorter than i am i'll be thrilled i'd love to post about the basketball would you if it would you like to ever take it back into the band a kick out a yeah klinghoffer i'd let them take anybody if they kicked out and i don't even love the chili peppers enough to care who are guitar forest is it just bothers me that the this current guitarist is so bad at being a guitar send the red hot chili peppers just don't like him him okay i don't like is playing i don't like his stage antics pedal like anything i don't like his singing with i don't like anything about judge klinghoffer their stage antics are slowing down i think anthony kiedis this is pushing fifty right now but every guitar players get a look bad compared do for shanty right he was there altima guitar while hill slovak before bidding me he died very early in the in the chili peppers genesis but but john fru shot the was the red hot chili peppers guitarist it was for shotty flee chad smith at it then he keeps and since then it's been a neverending series.

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