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Herbert v shanley established a powerful legal precedent that all businesses who benefit from the use of recorded music should in principle pay for that means the 1930s that legal logic is applied to radiate meaning all radio stations in the us also had to pay other askhab or another performance rights organisation for the music played on their airwaves then with all this money coming in from radio stations and restaurants as cap could turn around and pay out money to individualization call those payments royalties which will also be hearing about from power search royalties royalty zenovka licensing royalties ask cap copyright i realize this is getting complicated so i went to someone who works in the business for some professional advice bomb name north the barnier i'm an entertainment attorney and i work mostly in the haitian music industry and wind she's advising clients here in the us bernie breaks the whole complicated process down into two steps you have the obtaining of the rights and then you have the enforcement of the right so if i created a song i would fill an application with the us copyright office and send them a copy of the song and they would send me back a certificate this as i am the valid owner of this that's step one but will the copyright bureau itself at least like in the united states is an enforcement agency it's really kind of like a bank where you keep copyrighted material to once it's in the bank how do you actually make money from that song and keep other people for making money from it.

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