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Camp three cabinet is the tenth training camp practice. The pittsburgh steelers are starting to gear up for the big preseason game on thursday against the dallas cowboys and there was a lot to cover at this practice. This is probably the last padded practice that they will have. I don't know that for sure. They do have practice on monday. And tuesday wednesday closed to reporters the day before game. Thursday is the game. Fridays the day off and they returned to practice on saturday. So there's a lot of people that are only what is going to look like. Today was a padded practice on monday. there was some physicality we'll get to that during this recap but i the feeling that they probably will ease off of the players now as they prepare for the hall of fame game and kaffa just constantly remind myself so. I feel like i have to remind you the listeners. Well a lot of these reports you know you think about the fact. That tj wad hasn't practiced a lot of it has to do. He was never going to see the field anyways. There's no reason to risk employees a hamstring or anything like that so we shall see as reminder before we get started with it recap behind the curtain dot com. You'll be the one stop shop for all things pittsburgh steelers. That's where you can find our live tracker to keep up to date with what's going on and training camp practice also although the breakdowns news you can imagine including my recap article which always airs nine. Am the next day after that particular practice wherever you get your podcast or steelers or behind. The steel curtain subscribe followed. Whatever you have to do so the do not miss a thing. That includes my monday wednesday. Friday let's ride podcasts. As well as the live. Mike the steelers stat geek. In all of our new programming now like the war room with mattie several the steelers the steelers fantasy fix and we have several shows including the ohioans power. Half hour coming up. My goodness make sure you're following this there so that you don't miss a thing either okay. Let's get started. Zach banner player. Who has not done anything. Really team related. He's been there working out. He's been present he in the navy team related since the first week of training camp Tours acl last season week one. He got his first live. Reps of camp When the steelers were basically starting their seven shots they did a goal. Line drill during that drill rothlisberger jiji's machines and a quick in and out for a touchdown then through the end zone and miss najji harris at wide banner. He looked good and pass according to brian. Bad killer the pittsburgh. Post gazette versus melvin ingram. So good news to see zach. Banner starting to ease his way back into it. Injury update coach tomlin said only minor bumps and bruises to report said. It was good as he's act. Banner back out there on the practice field also said the benny snell who was absent. Didn't practice mondays being looked at didn't have any information said he would provide an update when he has it to determine the severity or lack thereof. In other words. This could be a serious injury. No one knows what's going on with. Benny snell but he was not out there. Also mike tomlin revealed the tyrrell. Edmunds had off season surgery. And that's one of the reasons he's been held out of tackling drills. Miles killebrew has been getting a lot of work with the first team in his place at safety that does not mean. Terrell edmonds is not going to be able to play this season. They're just holding him out of tackling drills at this moment speaking of seven shots when the steelers obviously they went one for two with the starting offenses jewish dacca. Backups went in justin lane. At an ice pass break-up or a stop and made some real evidence mcfarland for touchdown over the middle dwayne haskins went two for two with a great time per perfectly time throwing catch to pat farm youth in an easily rain one in the end zone to end the period. Do the math. That means that the offense one seven shots he went into some one on one drills. This is where you have running backs inside linebackers and safeties in space. This is typically where the running backs now. All of a sudden have an advantage for backs on backers running backs too extreme disadvantage but now almost like the script is flipped. So according to brian back steelers have moved to a one. On one competition drill and najji harris's thrilling the crowd in open field work versus safeties and linebackers getting the better of antoine brooks when they match up and also had a good rep versus devon bush but anthony mcfarland according tobacco. Has the juice today dusting. Everyone in this drill buddy. Johnson just had a textbook. Wrap of trey edmunds. one guy. Najji harris couldn't get away from roberts bullying but then again he has a thing for stonewalling alabama running backs. He's talking about roberts bylanes big-time hit on derrick henry. Last season in tennessee of pad. Fryer mu did not have a great show on saturday for the one on ones and that was when yet edge rusher outside linebacker. Whatever you wanna call it going against the tight end however he did better on monday pad for army shows up in one on ones just did a nice job..

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