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Whatever you need. Band AIDS. Has Dr S. Scott been setting on his hands? Not acquiring more ventilators and more ICU bed space. Todd has he been? It's been preoccupied, you know, dealing with Kabo, Kabo San Lucas Mayor Adler, right has don't understand it. They keep throwing this fear out there, but even their own reaction to their own fear. Words does not correlate with the fear because I think, Todd honestly, the the cynical side of me, which is a big side of me right now, it thinks that they want this to happen. I got it. I got to be honest with you. I think they want they almost want to go. I told you So. According to the city of Boston scope of 19 dashboard current numbers for our area show 156 ICU beds are in use right now. With 552 hospitalized. 91 folks are currently on a ventilator now has got urged the public to stay in and avoid non essential travel and group settings while speaking to the Travis County Commissioners Court just yesterday. Any time I've heard the mayor talk about this topic when he's reporting numbers or any ish anything to do with it. Any bad side of it. Most of it is a you know, it's hard to find a positive spin on anything on this, but he almost talks about it with a little bit of a little bit of giddiness in his voice, and any time I do it any time I hear it, I should say I I really think that they would be part of it would be kind of happy if this happened to go. I told you so. See, we were right. We were right the whole time. Y'all y'all? Y'all thought that we were that we were overreacting. No, we were right. We were right. We could share you happen to see all our beds are for all the better for all the better pool. And Yeah, you're right. I just now We're this far in it. How is that They're not ready for any scenario. Yeah, that's that's not good. That's not good at all. Now. Austin currently has a positivity rate of 15%, which is up from 12% of the week prior. And the outlook is grand moving ahead and that number alone right there is a little deceiving, You know, I mean, that number could change. As more people get tested. It fluctuates. It goes up and down. As Scott says, We're just now starting to see cases pop up from Christmas, and he expects to see even more cases in the next 10 to 14 days after New Year's Eve, he says, quote we're getting. We're going to realize those increases in hospital admissions and ICU admissions. This week's, which we will certainly change the outlook next week surrounding counties there seeing those increases. Well, bass Drop County is a 24% positivity rate. Caldwell County 21%. Hays County 19% 20% Up in Williamson County and Dr S. Scott says this is a troubling trend. I want to say this one more time, and I don't want to sound like a broken record. I'll keep it short, but we've got to remember. We got to remember. When anybody is admitted to the hospital for anything broken ankle ruptured spleen, Whatever it is, whatever it is, you're admitted to the hospital for right now You have to have a covert test. These numbers do not mean that there are people lying in the hospital sick. With coveted It doesn't mean that it means that Yeah, Some people also tested positive for Cove it we cannot. They want us to panic for these numbers, but we should not. They keep talking about how our hospital community is, you know, stretched to its limits. When E. Before this virus. We were talking about a nursing shortage in Texas. I mean, that's been a problem for decades. You know what I mean? But I don't see anything from local hospitals, saying these things. In fact, I haven't heard that I haven't heard any hospital officials say. Stay home. We can't handle to take you anymore. No, I haven't heard that. I haven't heard anything from hospital officials we have yet to hear from a hospital official. Henry is in Cedar Park on the tide of Don show. Hey, Henry. Good morning. Just Yeah, you guys were talking about building out new ICU beds and things like that. I'm actually a nurse. I work in downtown Austin and I've been working the covert units often on since the beginning, building out of hospital beds and Burn ICU in Western 12 months. It's just not realistic in any way, shape or form. You can't be. You're telling me that in America we can't put together an ICU unit. In 12 months. No. That's a new hospital downtown Delphine Medical Center took her with three years to build. Well, that's just ridiculous. Come on. That's just ridiculous. You know that I'm not not everything, Henry. I'm not buying that. We built that F when we built that soccer stadium overnight. Give me a break. Sure did that's come on. No, that's just not true. Henry. I'm sorry. I trust your expertise being a nurse in an ICU unit downtown, but I just don't buy it that we can build more capacity. We've been converting non spicy rooms in dicey rooms left and right since the beginning of the panda, also, it's possible. No, that's not building new stuff that's converting other rooms that usually aren't used for ice. Okay, well, Okay, Now you're getting into Hispanics. How about convert more rooms in the ICU units? We have been doing that left and right. The bigger problem is staffing. You know, nursing as a whole, and I'm a nurse. I've been a nurse for the last 12 years. Nursing as the whole losers. Nurses like Terry few other profession. Oh, I get it. Wait, son of nurses nursing in the first nine years, I got it. I totally get it. We've been talking about a nursing shortage. Like a said for a long time in this all across the country for years. Are you indeed overwhelmed right now? From me. We're not overwhelmed or dealing with it as best we can. Um you know, I'm actually on the route heading into work for my first shift this week, and I'll see what it looks like that the last I heard we still had that stays kind of ships. Are you working? I mean, how many days we keep working? 5 12 hour shifts. Yeah. Yeah, so everyone that since the beginning of the fans are like and how many people are patients, you think you've taken care of I know at all facility since coded, we discharge That's not how many we've had. People unfortunately passed away, but we've discharged as of end of last week over 1307 patients just at the one hospital. What do you want us in the community to do? How can we help you? I mean, you know, I mean, I don't necessarily agree with the stay home, but wear a mask. I see people every single day going in and out of stores. Places like Hee. Just ignoring the sign that says where, Max? Well, I don't. I don't see that at all. I'd see you anywhere. I don't see it anywhere. I was just about a Travis County station last night and William singing as you go Far, Texas and two people walked in not wearing a man's The cashier. Guy said something one of them rolled his eyes and one of them started yelling at him, and that was yesterday. I mean, it's It's not everybody, but all it takes is a few people doing that on a regular basis to keep this thing going, Henry, let me ask you this. How long you been in the hospital Care business? A nurse. 12 years, 12 years. Do you need volunteers? How can we help? In tears because they don't have the training. They don't have. I'm not gonna wear their mass properly if they're on a covert unit, so that things like that. Don't really help. Unfortunately, Henry, have you have you got the vaccination yet? I got my first shot seven days eight days ago. And and so your schedule get the next one was a two week gap. Is that how it works? January 15th party than scheduled some of that sugar January. The 15th There you go with no side effects. Yeah, I had to wake in my arm That was less than much. You shot? Yeah. How are the other nurses and how the other staff holding up Good. I mean, you know what a whole lot of resolve of this is What we do for a lot of us. This is leave you It is. This is just another bug and we deal with bugs every day of our lives. Look what you're cutting your kind of downplaying it, Doctor. Nurse. You're You're kind of you're kind of downplayed a little bit. This is what we do. There was a lot of panic in the very beginning from a lot of staff worried because we didn't know the ins and outs of this particular bug. But I mean, we deal with infectious disease every day. So we do what we have to do it. You know, I mean, the patient care business. I take care of people for a limit to what I do. I wonder what the hospital community is doing to recruit more nurses right now. They're offering tons and tons of money tens of thousands of dollars. If.

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