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Update on your social. Of course anyone. Lampard your Mel lampy. About cats online. Most most. Downplays it. But she produced the show I wanted in all the places you've been a place that you were sort of like you hod. I don't know like a preconceived idea what it was going to be maybe didn't wanna go. And then when you got there, you didn't wanna leave because you joy. So, you know, there's always a preconceived idea about where you're going. And it's never what you think. Like, the Cousteau the gateway to macho peach you. I didn't understand what that meant. Or how what the distance was or anything like that? And and so you get there. And you're like, oh, this this town isn't as I guess. I thought it was more. We had it's tough to say. I thought it'd be more grungy. It was less grungy. It wasn't modern. There wasn't a supermarket. And but it just wasn't what I imagined. And then taking the train luxury train too much appeal and then getting peach you, and you think from photographs that you know, what it is. You realize you've only seen one photograph. It's. Angle one angle it's actually put like plastic down to like walk on because people have just worn down the earth. So now you walk on it's sort of platform, and that wasn't what I expected. So I mean, I don't think anything is really what you expected as far as we always have a heavy plan because we have to be ready to shoot places. You know, we always have in our head, and we all have done so much an editing. Whether for better worse. We always edit in our head to this is what we needed to look like this is where we need to go. So we do end up with a lot of surprises. I mean, everything's everything's surprise Santini wasn't what I expected, you know, the White City and Greece whatever. In more work only know that fucking photo like everyone really church smaller older and real narrow to isn't it. Well, it's it's an island making probably about fifteen miles wide. Maybe there's a called in that. All right. Well, we'll yes. So it's for the the island of centuries, basically, like a crescent and rest of the crescent is missing into the ocean. But the cities are about thousand feet in the air, and there's like three main cities, and then and then in the middle would be the center of the massive huge volcano, it's still like gurgling and stuff like that. But when you're sitting up there, it was very very romantic. It's just it's surreal because it was pictures. But then you go there, and you're working amongst people that really actually live there, work, everyday and go shopping and carry their shopping bags are here. Right. And you like walked by billion dollar view like seriously like, and they just walked by on this footpath, go someplace how ugly the rest of the world. Come to America downtown. This gust. JFK and they're just like. Why everyone so mean, by the way? Yeah. You couldn't help. But take for granted every day. We were talking to we were talking to the people we were interviewing and we're just like you're talking, but you're staring out. I would always say. This daily basis like where it is that you work, and they like, yeah, we do, but they don't because because as humans we sort of. Exude. Yeah. Lord have mercy. But what I wonder sort of specifically to your question a place that I went that. Yes. There is one place that I went that was now what expected so this would be Croatia about ten or eleven years ago pre-game thrive. Exactly, exactly. So you go there. And you're just like, I don't even if you said point to Croatia map. I don't know if could everyone do it now now. Yeah, I didn't I think ten years ago. I didn't know they had they were on a C exactly landlo- which police right next to. So if you think of Italy as a boot then there's water behind. We all. And so right behind that is the Adriatic and then the coastline on the other side. Is this Croatia very very long very tall country. So we started at the top and work our way down. I was like what is this place is a maze. Ing and every time we moved our way south that just got more and more mazing, and then we got to debris, Nick, which is the walled ancient city that Kingsland landing..

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