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New thing, you know, and they could kind of do they want and fashion it they want. But as you said, everyone was so nostalgic at this point, they they've really going to be competing against like history. You know, so many years is really good point. And it's you know, it's hard. I mean, I think. Nowadays were split. We really love the new stuff and the new technology or like, everything is about nostalgia. And the old school stuff. And you see all these things coming back. You know, they're just getting slightly revamped. But every everyone likes the old school. So. Suspect. You're not just referring to sports. No, no. I mean, like every Hollywood reboot is that Hollywood franchise. Everything's coming. I mean, you can get a polaroid camera now like basically the same old school Polaroid's everything from the nineties is back in fashion, so makes its return. Yeah. It will be interesting to see because this Davis Cup. You know, we always talk about tennis, change resistant, and ooh, you play a tiebreaker. It's other sports are coming up with all sorts of innovations and three point shots and tennis in the last century, the the best they can do is at some of ants. You play. I I won seven points win by two. And that's cows for innovation. Will this Davis Cup is what all the change agents have been lobbying for which is really blow this thing up. And now there's there's clearly some backlash. So anyway, I stick with my Brexit comparison, by the way sounds good on paper. But when the rubber meets the road, you actually see how this pragmatically plays out. It's not quite as attractive. But anyway, that's among the many story lines to follow in twenty nineteen. Let's do one or two more. These benthic me to do it every week. But let's let's do one or two more before. All right. Very good. Thanks, jamie. Thanks, john. If people were so inclined where might they leave a future guests gestures as Mary Carillo. Where might they leave review where my day? Subscribe guessing Jetsons should go on Twitter. Okay. That's the best place. Right. We'll see it. Podcasts wherever they get their podcast from apple podcasts, hit subscribe and they review their enough. All right. Like, Jimmy dykes. Mary Carillo, thanks to our guest. Thanks for you for demanding. We get married back on the show. We will have another guest soon. Maybe even thanks for listening. Everyone..

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